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Desi Brand

Tata Crucible Corporate 2010 - Mumbai Regional Round Final

Tata Track
Tata Power – Sidharth M, Pankaj k (30)
Tata Capital – Govind Grewal, Preeti Shankar (40)
Tata Teleservices – Vishwanathan, Sridhar (10)
TCS – Suresh Kumar, Aniruddh Dutta (65)
Tata Communication – Atulya, Jamshed (0)
TCS – Pravin Varma, Ankit (10)

  1. Safe hair dye
  2. As a writing instrument brand, it got delayed approval because its name is derived from a profession which doesn’t speak about its actual function at all.
  3. What’s M in MSD, a company of German Origin?
  4. Blue agave Bore
  5. Who is the youngest division chief in the World Bank’s history?
  6. 1385, flatplate trademark
  7. David Novak Chairman

1. Whose hat is this?

2. A picture of Books and Beyond 

3. Identify the logo. 

4. With whom you can associate “Independent Evaluation Group”?

5. Identify the advertiser.

6. Who is advertising?

Tata World
  1. Founded in 1924, passionate in retail, has some connection with Croma.
  2. K M Garda, Chairperson, IT solution company
  3. A question on Tata Capital
  4. Optical frame for women.
  1. Which famous entrepreneur said; “I endorse my favorite bag........”.
  2. Malcom Glaze
  3. Model for Burberr
  4. This word’s English mean is ‘immediate/instinct’; this particular service generates enormous revenue for a government organization.
Non-Tata Track

HUL - Pradeep, Dushyanth (50)
Questa Software - Amit Pandeya, Manish (25)
Kotak Life - Shambhu Shankar, Prasad Shetty (20)
Deustche Bank - Rajiv Rai, Vibhendra (15)
IMRB - Ameya, Ashish Pandey (0)
Sun Microsystems - Mitesh, Ankit Didolkar (-20)

Random Questions
  • Who in this world is; “Committed to improving the state of world”?
  • Who is LTD on NYSE?
  • Which celebrity is associated with Plan B entertainment? 
  • Who is a non-British on a British stamp?
  • In 1847, Liverpool associate, Jessy 
  • Layali festival
  • Dating back to the 1400s, this word stemmed from the Latin word , meaning "sleeping area" (completely apropos). It became obsolete after the 16th century, but it was revived in the 19th century as a word for "dormitory sleeping compartments."
  • Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan, set up the initial business of this famous Indian company in 1929. Later on the three sons divided into two business groups, Jayantilal Group and Kantilal and Pitambar group. A dispute arose in 2007 about the ownership of the brand and in 2009 Bombay High Court has ruled that this brand is a family name and hence both groups have equal right to use the trademark brand name. Identify the brand name.
  • His great-grandfather, Lala Shankar Das Chopra, was the ‘Nagar Shet’ of Kashmiri Chopras at Lahore. In 1947, he had to flee to Indian with his family, almost Penniless. In 1950, he launched his own production company and by the 2003 his company used to contributes nearly Rs 3-4 million per month to Prasar Bharati in terms of telecast fees. Name this trend-setter-media-moghul . 
  • This concept originated at the turn of the 20th century in the writings of sociologist and economist, Thorstein Veblen. The term describes an apparently irrational and confounding form of economic behaviour. Veblen's scathing proposal that this unnecessary consumption is a form of status display is made in darkly humorous observations. 
  •  Identify the logo.
  •  Whose brand mascot is this?
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