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BizdoM @ IIFT's QUIZ

Prelims from the business quiz @ IIFT ,a quiz by QuizWorks

1. Who is the present Union Cabinet Minister of Commerce & Industry?
2. “Liquid Engineering Crew” is a web based social community of auto enthusiasts which also doubles up as a reward forum. Which company runs this program?
3. It was developed by the students at the Ecole Centrale Paris, and was released under the GPL license. It is now developed by contributors worldwide. Its logo is identified as ‘Simple Traffic cone’
4. After Germany lost WW-I, Bayer was forced to give up 2 important trademarks as part of Treaty of Versailles in 1919 , if Aspirin was one what was the other one
5. The physical version of this currency is known as Casascius____ and was created by a guy in Utah named Mike Caldwell.
6. “Claremont University’s gradute school of management is named after Masatoshi Ito and which other famous Management guru.
7. This web publication was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005
8. The Liv-ex (or London International____ Index Ex.) is an index that allow buyers and sellers to trade in which commodity.
9. In this company the CEO’s official designation is “Mighty Eagle”
10. The IOR-ARC is and international org. With 18 members states, expand IOR-ARC
11. This was started by Delhi Tourism , Govt of India & Ministry of Textiles & Ministry of Tourism
12. Books & More Enterprises is the holding co. Of which retail chain
13. Whose URL shortening service is
14. Which game was designed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984,
15. LNKD is the ticker symbol of which company
16. Which brand is known as Goa in Europe (from the house of Mahindra)
17. Name the term that is used to describe that partnership between a bank and an insurance co.
18. What was the profession of Hritik Roshan in the Movie ZNMD?
19. ‘Leading Innovation’ is the punchline of which Co.?
20. Which org got started under the Marrakech Agreement, on 1 Jan 1995?
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