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1.       Identify this gentleman

2.       Steve  jobs in his visit to India visited Kanchi Ashram. On his advice which other software guy visited the same ashram in later years

3.       This is Alex Ohninan the boyfriend of Serena Williams which website is he a co founder?

4.       This word is an inducement offered to an unwanted separation or retirement. It is also an coveted thing in several football tournaments? What term?

5.       The original title of this book was Four Flushes . why the title?

6.       Who is appointed the latest appointed Vice chairman of Niti Aayog?

7.       What product are these Koreans using to float? Regular consumed product. We all use?

8.       This plaque is in memory of a disaster in USA due to a company failure. The same company had a disaster years later. Which Company?

9.       A famous shopping area is named for this due of …. What was he duke of? A very famous area of India?

10.   Dutch Media End mol is behind which famous program often touted as a nonsensical TV show in India? Famous in TN?

11.   French Global insurance giant whose name is not an abbreviation and is in Capital letters.. Named so that in can be easily pronounced across the world? Famous in India.

12.   This car from FIAT is named after an Italian contest that pits the local residents with or towns against each other?

13.   Jyoti structures became the first in India to get proceedings from Z score. What was this about?

14.   16 century French used “Claquers” in opera house. What was their job? Used regularly.

15.   The Polaroid camera company by Edwin land was making which product earlier to making cameras? Related industry.

16.   Hongkong has a different race where people race in a different scenario. What is this race called? We use the term don’t run the - -?

17.   Dorothy sayers wrote advertisement for which Beer company If he can say as you can
'X  is good for you'
How grand to be a Toucan
Just think what Toucan  do. .what is X

18.   Original logo of this company was represented a family had 4 members but reduced to three now to show nuclear family. Famous logo we see everyday. Think chocolates and milk?

19.   Haagen daes releasing this flavor for a sporting event. Which sporting event? 

20.   In 1897, Pratap Singh wore and won the hearts of Victorian societies in London with his smart dress. He and his team mates inspired which particular fashion? Named after a city?

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