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TATA Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Navi Mumbai – Final Round Questions

1. What life saving instrument she invented?

2. Which group in 2007 announced  its plan to purchase an island called Sealand and become an independent nation?

3. Connect: Sher Shah Suri - Mario - D Udaya Kumar - Zelda - Title song from Sabse Bada Rupaiya

4. The origin of this can be traced back to an Italian monastery in 1792. As befits something made from a simple paste of sugar, almonds and free-range egg whites, they take their name from the Italian word for 'paste'.

5. Who is the author of this book?

6. Name the floriculture business set up by the Tatas in 1990.

7. What is vaping?

8. Connect: Amitabh Bacchan - United Nation

9. Oklahoma City, USA was the site for the world's first of such devices, where it was installed in July 1935. An invention of Gerald A. Hale and professor H. G. Thuesen of Oklahoma State University, the first person to be arrested for an offence related to this was the Reverend C. H. North of the third Pentecostal Church of Oklahoma City in August 1935. What are we talking about?

10. Which retail chain he founded?

11. The TATA brand has partnered with Sony Music Entertainment to reveal unique 'My Land, My Music' collaboration to create a powerful celebration of music and cultural divesity across the Arab region.

12. Who gave the United Nations a USD 8.5 million cheque to pay for the land site for its headquarters?

13. What he co-founded?

14. It was invented by English engineer Richard Clyburn in 1842. Then known as an English key, the design was improved upon by Johan Petter Johansson and marketed by the bacho company of Sweden in 1892. Which tool?

15. This Tata Steel subsidiary was earlier known as Rawment Ferrous Industries Pvt. Ltd.?

16. This guy's wife lent him Rs.50,000 to set up a garage in Andheri. He realized that business is what he wanted to do. In 1999, he started a garage named Elite Class. He used to offer vehicle repairs and annual maintenance services to customers. Name the businessman and his most popular business.

17. Connect: Varun Dhawan - 'Move in style' - John Abraham - Deepak Pirmal

18. Which magazine began as Hara-Kiri in 1960, founded by Georges Bernier and Francois Cavanna?

19. ATM outsourcing service provider, Tata Communications Payment Solutions, plans to provide value-added services to make WLAs more viable. Expand WLAs.

20. Which company he formed?


22. In 1918, Ford Edison, Burroughs and Firestone set off on a lengthy camping trip from Pennsylvania to Tennessee through the Great Smoky Mountains. What did they call themselves?

23. What is he drinking?

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