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Government debt around the world

AFAD 539

David “Dick” Byerly was a P & G scientist who was determined to develop the world’s first heavy duty detergent which would allow for a clean better than any other product available. After 7 years of experimenting the project was cancelled but he kept working on it in his spare time. After 14 years he finally created a prototype product that was quickly named Tide. Tide launched in 1946 and was called The Washday Miracle.

AFAD 538

Japan’s getting an iconic new taxi courtesy of Toyota. The new, aptly named ‘Japan Taxi’ (or Jpn Taxi for conveniently fitting on a rooftop sign) is already on roads, and bears a slight resemblance to London’s signature black cabs.
The Japan Taxi is gearing up for widespread presence in Tokyo in time for 2020, when the city will host the Olympic Games.

RIP John Mollo, who created the iconic costumes of Star Wars

Mollo was a military history expert who acted as a historical advisor on several films, including The Charge of the Light Brigade and Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, before progressing to costume design. 

His work for Star Wars earned him his first Oscar in 1977 and he would go on to receive his second alongside Bhanu Athaiya in 1983 for Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi starring Ben Kingsley. He also worked on other classic films such as Ridley Scott’s Alien, The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, Air America, Hanna’s War, Chaplin, and Event Horizon.

AFAD 537

Founded in the 1940’s by Sam Launer who had fled Czechoslovakia with his wife and two sons. The sons pursued other paths – one with the RAF and the other in agriculture. The Queen is rarely seen in public without her Launer handbag by her side. The Queen first started snapping up Launer's bags back in the 1970s and was so impressed she awarded the firm with a Royal Warrant in 1981.
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