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TATA Crucible Campus Quiz Cochin edition 2011

Contributed by our reader Viswas Viswam

Just giving the key words to the questions
1.Harpal Singh became the first owner-Maruti 800
2.Expand XP in Windows XP- Experience
3.Chandrika soap logo
4.The city which has the most number of off set printing presses-Shivakashi
5. ‘blue point’ German-Blaupunkt
6.visual of KV Kammath
7. Who owns is website ? Mastercard
8. Visual of Vittal Mallya
9. Visual of Krishna Kumar Modi
10.EDGAR- E stands for Electronic
11.Owners of Radio Mango- Malayala Manorama
12.logo of Reader’s Digest
13. In 1902, Konishi began to sell the "Cherry Portable Camera, the first Japanese produced end-user oriented camera
14.Blue revolution-Fish
15.D Satish Babu started a mobile retail chain- Univercell
16.Dr.Arun- Vasan Eye Care
17.Kalinga prize-aviator- Biju Patnaik
18.Boro Plus- Emami
19.Gaffer- Tetley Tea
20.Likthe likthe love ho jaye-Raveena Tandon- Rotomac pens
1. Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell-brands of SAB Miller
2. Boston Red Sox advisor-Michael Porter
3. The Suzuki Splash is a city car introduced in model year 2008 and jointly developed between Suzuki Motor Corporation and Opel — which will also market their version as the Agila.Marketed in India as –
4. Parry-Murugappa Group
5. Tide water oil company-Vedol
6. T. Boone Pickens and Sir James Goldsmith during the 1980s Greenmailed qhich company to make made $90 million ?the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
7. The Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway at Lahore introduced something which got them extra revenue- Platform tikckets-
8. foot fall equation-more number of people in the store more shopping takes place
9. ‘just looking marketing’-customers are not pressurized. They roam around and by ‘just looking’ are enticed into buying stuff
10. invented by English computer scientist Allan Plaskett in the mid-1990s- Snickometer
11. Initial names -Jitterbug, Bettlebug, Iron Pony, Leaping Lena, and Panzer Killer- Jeep
12. Company stated on the banks of Moselle river following family dispute-PUMA
13. conspiracy of Fools- bok about ENRON
14. .Irish cricket team logo
15. .Blood & Fire-Salvation Army
16. .visual of Rudolph Diesel
17. .Five force diagram-Michael Porter
18. .Culture Kerala antique products, handicrafts etc
1. first established trade links with Canada in the early 1900s, when Tetley tea was sold through the country's oldest company, Hudson Bay Stores -Tetley Tea
2. Chutki ki Chamak- TATA salt
3. named after its founder – Jamshedpur
4. history of the establishment Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Connect Balan 1st introduced by BJ telefilms through Hum Panch), ICE logo,ALT- Balaji Telefilms
2.Funskool,Gautam Gambeer,Maman MApillai-MRF
3.Candle in the wind(audio)House of Fraser,Ritz,Harrods- Dodi AL Fayed Zameen par, Horlicks tablets ,Roald Amundsen- Horlicks

Clue round
1.1876-38 year old pharmacist-company helped helped launch the first successful large-scale production of insulin in 1923. –Eli Lilly
2.1886-Opening of Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in Stuttgart on 15 November. Motor Industries Company Limited (Mico), established in the year 1951, is the flagship of the Group in India- Bosch
3. Definition of Blue Ocean Strategy
The End
Viswas Viswam KC

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