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Dear Bizdom Reader,

We are quite hopeful that you will be well aware with our new offering which is "Bizdom 40 ka 20 ya 5 par free" . After your valuable feedback on the same and solving some basics, we are ready to launch the "Bizdom 40 ka 20 ya 5 par free". For your kind information it'll be an exclusive product for only 25 individuals.

As the full product has two options which are as following,

1) 40 ka 20 -A set of 20 questions per week would be provided. The cost will be Rs 40 per set. You can subscribe minimum 5 sets (Monthly) and maximum of 25 sets (semi-annual).

Cost:- For 5 sets (Monthly) -- Rs. 200/-
For 25 sets (semi-annual) -- Rs. 1000/-

Kindly note down the details for the payment;

Payment through ICICI ACCOUNT

Bank Address: Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Beneficiary Account No.: 054601502650

Type of Account (SB / CA): SB

Beneficiary Bank’s IFSC Code (11 Digit): ICIC0000546

2) 5 par free - One can have the entire set of 20 questions absolutely free. For the same, One needs to send us 5 original questions. You can subscribe 5 sets at max. The choice will be ours means discretion of selection/ rejection of any question will be ours that we'll tell you in advance.

Cost:- For 5 sets (Monthly) -- 25 Original Questions

You may forward the original questions to

As we have already told that it'll be an exclusive product for 25 only, as soon as we receive confirmation from all and Advance Payment (for 40 ka 20) and Advance Questions (for 5 par free), we'll start delivering the question set(s) to you on your provided e-mail id.

You may contact us for any further query/clarification.


Team Bizdom

Here goes the sample 20 questions:

1. The patent is entitled "Systems and Methods for Enticing Users to a Web Site." The abstract states the patent is for the invention of periodically changing story line to entice users to access a web page." In layman's terms, this means the "invention" has been patented. Patent 7,912,915 was granted on Tuesday, nearly 10 years after its initial submission in 2001.

2. . It is the world's most widely circulated street newspaper, published in eight countries; it is written by professional journalists and sold by homeless individuals. It was founded by John Bird and Gordon Roddick in September 1991. This newspaper is also one of the UK's leading social businesses and exists to offer homeless people the opportunity to earn a legitimate income, thereby helping them to reintegrate into mainstream society.

3. Which traditional Indian brand has roped in Pandit Birju Maharaj to endorse it’s products.The signing also coincides with the centenary celebrations for the brand and the company will launch a national television commercial campaign, featuring the 73 years old brand ambassador.

4. The Saroj Poddar-led group of companies, including Zuari Industries, Texmaco and Paradep Phosphates, have announced a new unified corporate entity.What’s the new identity’s name?

5. Which company has roped in Formula 1 driver Karun Chandok as brand ambassador for its high-end, lightweight bicycles priced between Rs 21000 and Rs 1.5 lakh The launch of Montra range — weighing just about 8.6 kg?

6. Whitbread Plc, UK. Is the parent owner of which chain of coffee shops in India. Its Indian Partner is Devyani Intl, part of RJ corp?

7. The forefather of their founder was a Saudi Arabian soldier who had come to India in the early 1500s to seek his fortune. He gained employment in the army of Babur, however his talent as cook soon outshone his martial abilities and he eventually became babur’s personal cook.

8. He had an up-and-down relationship with his elder son, Siddharth, who chose to work with Citibank in Dubai for many years instead of joining the family business. Through the 1980s, he and his elder brother, clashed over matters of business, which resulted in the end of their family business and the group was divided into smaller splinters among various sections of the family in 1989. Name the Group or the person.

9. In 1334, when Delhi was under the rule of Sultan Muhammad Bid Tughlag, the ‘traveller of the age’, arrived. He was a native of Tangier and was on a personal pligrimage to visit all the regions of the world where Muslims ruled. Name this professional qadi (an Islamic law giver or Judge).

10. Sujatha is the pseudonym of the Tamil writer S. Rangarajan, author of over 100 novels, 250 short stories, ten books on science, ten stage plays, and a slim volume of poems. He is one of the most popular writers in Tamil literature. An engineer by profession, he has also supervised the design and production of a an object which is of immense use these days .

11. When asked about the origin of this brand name, which is also their company name, founder’s brother replied “Since Baniyas traditionally ask for dowry, my father was opposed to marrying within the caste and ended up having an inter-caste marriage . Our father did not want to have any caste behind his name, so he adopted the surname”

12. India is a founding member of it and its fifth-largest shareholder. Since its inception in 1986, it has approved 144 loans (sovereign and non-sovereign), amounting to just over $22 billion. What is being referred here?

13. These are those mutual fund schemes that dedicatedly invest in government securities which include dated central government securities, state government securities and treasury bills. How better we know these funds?

14. Who agreed to buy Lubrizol, the world’s largest producer of lubricant additives, for about $9 billion in the cash-flush investor’s second biggest acquisition in the past five years?

15. Which is the sole Indian company figuring in a New York City think-tanks fifth annual list of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies?

16. Rolls Royce,, in an effort to maintain the mystique in the naming of their marques, tried to follow the Silver series (Ghost, Wraith, Phantom) with Mist. However, it was pointed out that Mist in German means anything bullshit. This resulted in Mist being replaced by ?

17. Arthur started his first shop with 400 pounds savings, in Manchester opposite the Royal exchange. He chose this location particularly because it was busy with housewives. The business flourished for decades, but reached its zenith , when the product that they were dealing in was taken off from rationing in 1952. Name the company / brand being discussed here.

18. During the 1950s, Ford Motor Company tried to develop a new automobile that would appeal to young, well-to-do families no longer interested in small roadsters but not ready yet for the station wagons or the largest Oldsmobiles, Buicks, Dodges, and Pontiacs. They hoped to appeal to families able to afford a car priced in excess of $5,000, a substantial sum in the 1950s. What was thus launched?

19. It was founded with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, represents a large project of economic and political integration between an evergrowing group of countries. It fast became the world’s major trading power and enjoyed fast economic growth.

20. The birthplace of this movement in the United States is usually considered to be the Stonewall Inn, where riots took place in June 1969 in New York City. The Stonewall Riots and the social movement they engendered were influential in many countries.

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