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Tata Crucible 2009- Mumbai Questions

Final round qts
Round 1
1. Suhail Jain, Rashmi Gaur, Venkat, Balraman and Sam Thomas – Why are they currently making wavesin the world of biz?
A- They are the sacked pilots of Jet airways.

2. In 1880s Bivraj agarwal of Agra moved to a hill station with the Britishers and started selling ‘Gurdhani’. How is it better known now?
A- Lonavla Chikki

3. He argued “ if people take full accountability of taxes, they can reduce the burden of government.” Ronald Reagen was greatly inspired by this economist.
A – David Ricardo

4 . In 1873, TE Comstock Law was passed in US after Anthony Comstock. What was this Law concerning?
A- Banning of advertising of condoms

5. What is Crowd sourcing?
A- Engaging masses to do your work Eg: Wiki

6. It is composed of 3 arrows, forms the ‘Mobius strip’. It cant be trademarked.
A- Symbol of Recycle bin

1. Print Ad- Nintento Wii

2. Statue of founder of Detroit city -> Caddillac

3. Movie posture of ‘iesta’. This movie ended something. What?

Ownership of Columbia Pictures Coke Sony

4. Picture of a Doc by ‘Bihar Zamindari abolition Board’ by Govt. of Bihar. With its abolition, what was started after this?
A – Concept of public borrowing. Govt compensated for the land they acquired.

5. Pic – Creator of Alfred Newman ( MAD mag mascot)

6. Pic of Jayprakash Garg, founder Jaypee Group.

1. South Korea’s 2nd largest automobile co. – Daewoo
2. Famous Indian who heads Tata Steel Adventure Fund –Bichandri Pal
3. Variant Names of Tata salt
4. Original name was ‘slim’, not used due to its wrong connotation? - Titan Edge

1. London Carnivals, Fulham Football Club, crest of Harrods, Peter Pan Video - Mohd. Al Fayed (entities owned by him)
2. OSO song, Playwin, Essel World Video, Ekal Vidyalaya – Zee Group
3. Nestle, Lilliane Buttencourt, Bodyshop, Nanotechnology, Delhi 6 song(Sonam Kapoor) – Loreal
4. Tamasek, Star, Ruper Murdoch, ISO 27001:2005, Amir Khan’s song – Tata Sky

1. Description of Mindtree logo

2. Former trader, Prof of Risk Engg at NY Univ
- Wrote ‘Option Sellers’
- Wrote a book on Randomness
A – Nicholas Nassin

3. Born in Sindri, educated in IIT(D) in 1994
- Worked in CMC, Websci, AT&T
- Richest Man in Gibraltor
A- Anurag Dikshit

1. Who is the marketer of Shraddhanjali Agarbatti, Marigold Jewellery, Upasna garments and Naturelly jams
A – Pondicherry Aurobindo ashram
2. In some year, US Post allowed a TV show on its commemoration
A – Simpsons
3. The person has been awarded NIKKEI Asia 2009 award for promoting a region for biz
A- Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.
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