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Company History 5: Adobe

John Warnock and Charles Geschke, former Xerox executives, met working in the PARC (Research Center Palo Alto, Calif.). Soon they teamed up and developed a revolutionary innovation of a standard computer language and scalable-font called PostScript. When Xerox refused to market the product, both of them left the company and founded Adobe Systems in 1982. PostScript is a high-level computer language that communicates precise descriptions of computer generated graphics, photos, and text to any output device with a PostScript interpreter. Soon in 1985, Apple licensed Adobe PostScript helping to form the backbone of the revolution in publishing.
In the late 80s, after the popularisation of PostScript, Adobe released Adobe Illustrator, which soon became one of the essential software for professional graphics. The existence of these two technologies would be the basis on which created the PDF format and Adobe Acrobat.
In February 1990 came the first version of Photoshop that eventually would become one of its best-selling products.

Pdf, the paperless office?
John Warnock wanted to reduce the consumption of paper in offices, thus began an internal project to create a file format for documents that could be distributed by the company, to be on any computer, regardless of operating system.
Adobe already had two things that almost fit with the idea: The PostScript (a device-independent technology and platform used to describe documents) and Adobe Illustrator (created in 1987, a program that operated on different platforms, which could open up and show PostScript files very simple).
In 1993, Adobe engineers improved both technologies and created a new file format Pdf (Portable Document File).
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