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Glock handguns are used police and military forces worldwide, including the FBI, the U.S. Navy Seals (principal special operations force of the U.S. Navy).

It all started in 1963 in Deutsch-Wagram, a small Austrian town near Vienna, where the engineer Gaston Glock, specializing in alloys and combinations of steel and polymers, decided to start a company to manufacture metallurgy and plastics products.
In the following decade the company became a supplier of accessories for machine guns, grenades exercise, holsters, knives and blades field for the armed forces of his country.
The company's story began to change direction in 1980 when the Austrian army opened a competition for the acquisition of a new pistol-sized semi-automatic for its military. Among the requirements were that the gun should be 9 mm in diameter, have the ability to at least eight cartridges being ambidextrous be disassembled without tools, having less than 58 parts could be changed without major adjustments and still be capable of firing 10,000 shots showing a maximum of 20 faults. The army of Austria called the pistol of this bid "P-80." It was then that Mr. Gaston made ​​a survey of experts from various segments of public safety, military and civilian shooters to gather information that would be the ideal gun. After six months of intensive research, he presented his pistol that should be called to assess the Austrian army and verify that it met the tough operational requirements of that force.
The company filed for an Austrian patent on April 30, 1981 and called it as Glock 17, a pistol that was capable of firing 17 rounds. It was however named so since it was Mr. Glock's seventeenth patent. Glock 17 was soon selected as the official weapon of the Austrian army.

GLOCK, Inc. Opens in U.S.
In November 1986, the company opened its U.S. headquarters, GLOCK, Inc., in Smyrna, Ga. Shortly thereafter, the semi-automatic GLOCK 17 pistol revolutionized the law enforcement industry with the redefining of the modern pistol.

GLOCK has become known worldwide as "plastic pistol". It was named after the large number of parts made ​​of synthetic material.
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