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Happy Birthday Bizdom

Dear All,
It gives me immense joy and happiness to share with you that Bizdom today has turned 3 today (22, january 2009).This blog was started by our own "Born Moron" (Siddharth Misra) with the sole objective of utilising his leisure time into doing something thing that would be very useful and creative as well.

Beginning : A time pass activity.
[Time period : jan 2006 - nov 2006]

As i write this post i get a feeling that even he would not have imagined that what he started would turn out into something that would be very informative and continuing.Born Moron started off this blog by publishing the history of Bombay Stock Exchange,With this post he started off a journey(a virtual one though!) with a look out for discovery and trivia and down the line in march 2006 the first quiz was posted on Bizdom,which added a dimension to Bizdom, a dimension of posting business quizzing and needless to say it was this dimension that has played a major role in making the blog what it is.

Welcome the new member!
Time period : [Dec 2006 to April 2007]
Within ten months of its start bizdom had already logged in more than 20 posts.Covering Business history,Trivia,Advertisements,Business Quizzes etc and during this time period Bizdom 3*3 series had got fairly popular.Born Moron had become pretty wise about blogging by this time and decided that it is time that he added a member to this blog and as a result of this initiative of his, yours truly(by the way my name is Shivdas) became a member.My first post was the FinQdom, which elicited a lukewarm response from the readers,meanwhile on the other hand 3*3 quizzing was growing by everyday.If we reflect on the nature of posts published during this time period,we could easily make out that business quizzes post had increased quite significantly.One could say that this was the period when the foundations of this blog were being solidified and style of blogging was defined.The journey for discovery was going at full throttle!

Focus deviation and correction
Time period [May 2007 to Jan 2009]

It is often seen when a person becomes rich and huge he often forgets from where he started and Bizdom is also not a deviation from this normal phenomenon .We had started with the focus of discovering knowledge and trivia, but in between we lost our focus by publishing way to many posts about knowledge that could not be digested in a public forum.So much so that Bizdom during this period became in-famous for such posts many objections were raised,many feedbacks were received and finally we are thankful that we got our focus back.To me it was as if life had completed a full circle.We now are back at posting for what we are known as best : “publishing our discovered knowledge”.In the meantime we added several other members such as Gambler, Ankit “Safar”Joshi,Nidhi (Freaked out)Nahata who have done a stupendous job in keeping this blog running.Ankit “Safar” Joshi is one of those guys who has started off with a bang and has actually outnumbered yours truly in terms of publishing new posts.New quiz series have been started such as Quizon, AQAD, etc which have been enhancing our focus.In between all this we also acquired a blog or rather the blog owner itself ,who despite our humble request during our early days to join our blog refused to do so and thus forcefully we had to acquire this blog owner.The acquired blog owner used to publish business quiz posts such as business freak and all.Now the blog owner has been acquired and is a disciplined and loyal member of this blog.In many ways we can say it was due to this acquired blog owner that the freakiness of our blog has reduced.we hope she (oops shouldn’t have mentioned the gender) would continue her diligence and set right the morons of our blogs in terms of the nature of posts being published.

Last but not the least
We thank all our readers for their continued support and specific feedbacks which has helped us in a long way to shape up our posts; We look forward to such support and readership in future as well,May everyone be with us in our quest for “publishing our discovered knowledge”

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