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What is common to Devdas, Don, Sholay? - Blockbuster Classics which lived in our memories and got re-created with modern flair and extravaganza....Critics debate whether the original was good or the re-make is better. While one does not get definitive answers for such questions, but everyone does agree to one thing - the plot remains fresh as ever.

We at Bizdom too are at attempting to launch or rather re-launch one of the blockbuster quizzing series ever created during the days of Yahoo-Group-Era-of-Quizzing. Starting from tonight we re-visit one of the most vintage collections of quizzes from one of the best quizzers in India - Shri Sudip Roy. It is our honour and delight to present his famed quizzing series on our blog as- "Roy's Quizzing Baatein".
We are grateful for his consent to post his questions.
Thank you sir for allowing this!!!

Here is the First One:
1. This brand is one of the greatest brand of the world surviving more than 100 years. The colorful emblem of the product was inspired by the kit color of an university football team of the USA.Which brand ? Clue ? It's a food product.
2. Sanskrit woed 'Jaladhi' means 'Sea'. The word is also used to represent a very large number. What's the number ?
3. When Alexander was approaching India on his conquest run, he first thought the new land was Egypt. Why so ?
4. This desi article in India and Pakistan has its name borrowed from the Portuguese original which they brought to India in the fifteenth century. It is a very common appliance to be seen in any household. The same name is shared by an Italian supermodel, a style of cuisine, a dynasty, a garassland etc. What ?
5. Mahatma Gandhi dubbed it as a 'circus in Park Circus.' One local newspaper thought it was 'a gang of decoits led by a halfdead lieutenant.' What happened?

1. Campbell's soup. The red and white corporate color was inspired by the kits color of the Cornell University Football Team
2. Narmada , considered to be daughter of lord Shiva
3. He saw crocodile while sailing through the river Indus and thought it was river Nile, as he wrongly knew only river Nile had crocodiles.
4. Balti. italian supermodel is Bianca Balti, balti cuisine is well known, balti is a grassland in moldova, balti dynasty is a branch of old visigoths. 'balti', the pot has its origin from the Portuguese 'balde'.
5. This is when Netaji Subhash Bose arrived at the 43rd congress session at Park circus in Kolkata in 1928 in the uniform of a commander on horseback cheered by the members of 'Bengal Volunteers'.The local daily 'Sanibarer Chithi' ridiculed him. There was a rumour just before the congress session that that Subhash had contacted TB while in the jail at Mandalay a few years back and he would not live long. That's why that 'halfdead' phrase.
( Ref : 'Netaji Subjash Bose : Bengal, Revolution and Independence' by Reva chatterjee )
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