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Tata Crucible Student Hyderabad 2012

Another great contribution by Soubhagya Jena

1. The nomenclature is as follows: First five characters are letters, next 4 numerals, last character letter. The fourth character must be one of the following Company,person, Hindu Undivided family, Firm,trust etc...what am i describing
2. Spinners is an apparel line by whom?
3. mascot for which co.(hint:his name is sonic)
4. It is a town on the coast of Gujarat in India which is the site of a shipbreaking shipyard built with the aid of Japanese investors. It is the the first private sector port in India?
5. The brands protinex and Farex have been bought by which mnc co.?
6. The founder of this British auto company was the first to be killed in a plane accident. Half of the company name is same as his surname.
7. ID.
8. Surplus word origin trivia..missed it also
9. “You've Come a Long Way” was how it was advertised
10. Best ceo of the century?
11. Identify the person—subir gokarn of RBI pic
12. I want every Indian to have a home of his own-the founder of which financing co. Said this?
13. Its logo is similar to that of a tuning fork. The co. Is the first one to do somthing in the world of advertising. Which co.
14. Some trivia abt escada takeover by megha mittal
15. The swiss govt named a train and a hotel after which personality as he has single-handedly influenced tourism to all of Switzerland worldwide through his films?
16. launched in the year 1973 by Shri M.M. Kothari after some advice by his wife....etc trivia which brand?
17. Some Pixar related trivia

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