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Desi Brand

Benetton to release the eightieth issue of its COLORS magazine to celebrate the 'Superheroes' of our day

The eightieth issue of COLORS celebrates the Superheroes of our day: men and women, weak or strong, rich or poor, all united by a common wish: the good of people and of the world. "Real" people who do extraordinary things for others, and who, in different ways, contribute to improving society.
In the cartoon world, characters like Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman fight the baddies using their superpowers, alter egos and exceptional abilities, but unfortunately only in our imagination. COLORS has met some real-life superheroes, who face the baddies of our everyday world with courage and self-sacrifice: the damage caused by the collapse of economies and by rampant pollution, the destruction caused by wars, the poverty of ignorance and atrocities.

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