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Gap opens for business in China with 'Let's GAP Together' campaign

Iconic US apparel brand Gap has launched in China with a much anticipated creative campaign, developed and executed by Y&R China. ‘Let’s GAP Together’ positions Gap as cool and charismatic and taps into the new-found sense of freedom and liberation now experienced by China’s so-called young ‘Golden Generation’, as a result of the country’s openness and reconnection to the world.

Shot by legendary American fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz, ‘Let’s GAP Together’ features western and eastern individuals who epitomize the freedom and optimism felt through embracing one’s passion and expression of individuality. Each pairing creates a unique story that’s bigger than two individuals. These personalities are paired to signify unity, as creativity and individuality have no boundaries.

The campaign is visualized through pairings of Americans and Chinese, people who are undoubtedly different and unique, but people who have intriguing similarities.
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