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Tata Crucible Bangalore 2009 Questions

1) Jagsharan Jit Singh of fashion
J J Ahluwalia

2) The Talent wellness program..alcohol and cardiac measurement

3) J C Leyendecker
Arrow collared man

4) Hasbro toy…mfg by Japanese co Takara.. divided into heroic autobots and evil decepticones

5) Pic…Ajit Jain of Berkshire
6) Hotel chain… segmentation based on diff customers.. pple who drive Ferrari, merc etc
Hyatt…. Grand, Park & regency

7) in Uk- PG5, in Belgium- C 4.. what is it in India and USA?
Pink Slips

8) Loved by women since 1908…Historical, medical, desire, intrigue,modern, blaze, spotlight

Mills & Boon
9) HR tool…german military..gathering feedback..frm multiple sources to evaluate performance
360* feedback

10) Women pic… board of blore co.. guru..

Rama Bijapurkar

11) Projects Garuda, Setu, Veda, Vyasa, Vidwan, Vidur
C Dac

12) 1st made by Gisecke & Devrient in 1991.. 85.6X53.9X0.76mm & 26X15X0.76 mm –
Sim Card

13) Norbert Pearltroth..sole contributor 1923-75..7 days a week in NY Public library
Ripley’s believe it or not

14)Alcoholic Anonymous logo

15)“India frm midnight to the millenium’
Shashi Tharoor

16)Editorof Fortune 1943-48.. Padma Vibhushan awardee
J k Galbraith

17)Golden spanner award… honour the Ustaad Car mechanic

18)Neil Nitin & Preity Zinta

19) Kaya Skin..Brand ambassador- Ridhima Kapoor

20) 2 US 1st ladies on Vogue cover.. Michelle Obama and..?
Hillary Clinton

21)’Someone gotta go’..reality tv..workers choose who gets sacked.. by

22)US director..5 mn dollar settlement frm apparel co. for using his pic in their ads
Woody Allen

23) ‘Jawbone”..sunglasses

24)ad..khurram khurram

25) ad to apne liye jiyo finally jumps into the lake
Max new york

Courtesy: Rohit Jain
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