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Flashback Tata Crucible Quiz Part 1

1. Who published David Beckham’s book “My side”?
2. Which French company owns the brand Evian?
3. 'Tiger Airways' is a subsidiary of which airline company?
4. In the day of "British Raj" What was "Company Kagaz" issued by East India Company?
5. Antrix is the commercial/marketing wing of which Indian organization?
6. What was originally called "McLaughlin's Belfast-Style ginger Ale" after its creator John McLaughlin, a Canadian chemist?
7. “Obsessed with Quality. Since 1895” is the baseline of which brand?
8. Aquafresh toothpaste, Nicoretter, Lucozade and Ribena are products from the stable of which company ?
9. Branded diesel 'Turbojet' is owned by which oil company?
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