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Tata Crucible TATA TRACK (2008) FINALS

ROUND 1- Crossword
1.Vinod Khosla, ? , Jonathan Schwartz
Scott MC. Neally
2. ‘Where have all the leaders gone’
Lee Iacocca
3. Began in 1910 at Helsinki. They say ‘ we move the world, but vertically’
KONE escalators
4.person behind ‘Qualified learning systems’?
Shiv Khera
5. Which unit of currency is Portugese & Spanish for ‘shield’?
6. ‘Ostro Sardinian War’ is my inspiration
Red Cross
7. Name & mascot named by one of the 1st salesman named James Gaylot Mayor
Hush Puppies
8. ‘_______ is a game people play in today’s marketplace’, this appeared in paper by someone
Positioning by Jack Trout
9. Das Auto(The Car)

ROUND 2 – TATA World
1.Tata celebration of Indian Rhino
Titan WWF
2.Pic- Tiff Racker, 1st computer made in India by Tata
3.Pic- Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry
4. Incorporated in 1920, the site chosen was at Holmurri
Tinplate co. of India
5. X=2, Y=11, Z=22. What is this in India?
Manpower allocation for security in India

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