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Hi to one n all.........................
After a long time i am going to post a quiz, reason was my laptop which got disfunct due to motherboard problem. Lets resume the QUIZON.
1. Answers to those who reply.

1. Identify the logo.

2. In 1995, when he sat down to dinner with Frank Wisner, then the US Ambassador to India, who suggested him that he named his project after his mother name. The name stuck to his mind because name also meant “a new beginning” in Sanskrit. What I am talking about?

3. He first appeared in the video game Donkey Kong. His creator stated in an interview that he wears a cap because he found difficulty to draw hair. He was one of the first video game characters to be honored at the Walk of Game in 2005. Who is this?

4. A water scare in New York City gave him the idea to market alternatives to ordinary bottled water. The success of this brand launched a new marketing category in the beverage industry. They are also noted for their humorous descriptions on bottles. What is it?

5. In the World War II when XXX, who managed YYY operations in Germany during the war, ran out of the ingredients for YYY. XXX resorted to producing a different product called ZZZ. What is XXX, YYY & ZZZ?

6. Who released a game called Gunning for Gold to honor Bindra. The game allows users to take on the avatar of Bindra and gives them a chance to virtually earn a gold medal.

7. It’s a company founded in 1999 by seven former Samsung executives. "X" is a brand and division of “Y”, which is the manufacturer of digital audio players and other portable products. What “X” & “Y” denotes?

8. This company was started by 5 IITians from Kharagpur along with their professor. In the year 2005, they won the national contest for innovation at IIM-A, where their idea of converting egg white into ceramics worked & it lay the foundation of what?

9. In 1986, two brothers set up a poultry farm, with 200 layer( egg laying) birds and a small shop to sell eggs, to trade in poultry feed & medicines. In 1990-91 due to price crash, on credit farmers could not settle their dues. To recover their money they started providing feed & medicine to indebted farmers in return for the eggs. The success of this gave birth to what?

10. Identify the logo.

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