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Webby Quiz 1

We at Bizdom starting a new quiz series with a new member on board --Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar--Better known as webby. Hope to see more from him........

For answer

1. This company was incorporated in 1979, and was one of the most successful brands in this product category. It is led by Mr. Prafull Shah. Based in Surat the company is also registered on the BSE. Identify. (Hint: print ad below)

2. Identify the logo:

3. Identify the logo from the image and tagline:

4. Allianz securities has recently changed its brand identity, How do we know them now?

5. This company is promoted by Mr. Rajesh Drolia, commenced operations in had a successful campaign- Jeetna hai _____! Identify the company from the logo below:

6. It is a new venture by an established player in this sector, it has partnerships with CRY and Helpage India. Identify this venture from the logo and its parent company?

7. The richest American is Bill Gates and 2nd is Warren Buffett. Being the owner of Las vegas sands he is the third richest American. Name Him. ( Dry Sitter)

8.This company was incorporated in 1946, its owner was a part of Deccan Horse regiment. It was listed on the stock exchanges till 1982, after which it got delisted, and was relisted lately. It has a strong connect with Guru Dronacharya ( Mahabharata) and Shahrukh khan. Name the company.

9. Identify this iconic identity’s logo from the world of business:

10. this family started making this product since 1662, after 1835 Mr. J.S.______ started a company to promote this product, producing it within Nuremberg. With brands like Noris, Minerva and Mars it is one of the oldest companies of the world.
It has distinct brand called Lumocolor to its credit. Identify from the logo.

Dr. Abdul Kalam’s wish fulfilled by Dhoni’s Devils!!!

Dr. Abdul Kalam’s wish fulfilled. India is a superpower in 2020!--- This was Sms to me by My frd , so thought of having a cricket quiz based on this heroic performance by “Dhoni’s Devils” , as ET has named this team.


Stanford League in the West Indies-- First Professional 20-20 League.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s elder brother, Narendra Singh, has shaved off his beard and moustache just as he had promised if India won the T20 WC under his younger brother’s captaincy.


Sunil Valson & Piyush Chawla – Both of them did’t played in World Cup winning Team India.

BiZdOm 3 * 3 BiZ QuiZ 15


1. This term was introduced by Michael Silverstein and Neil Fiske to refer to a new category of products aimed at providing "Luxury To the Masses".

2. Few years back, Austria's court ruled that the brand "Walkman" had become a generic term for "portable music player" and Sony--no longer enjoyed trademark protection in Austria. Straight away people in this crazy world of jargon coined a new jargon for this event, name the new coinage?

3. In the world of jargon , what is this :
" The effect of complex and extensive accounting rules that regulate financial statement reporting and are thought to distort a company's true operating performance. "


1. Yahoo called it world's first 'Branded Knowledge Video Search'. The objective of this campaign was rather open ended – dispel the myth that model-like straight black hair is the ultimate symbol of beauty. Identify the brand been advertised?

When fabric majors Dupont and 3M decided to bring their wrinkle-free and stain-free fabric to India, which Indian Brand they chose to launch the product?

In tune with the environment, in the 1980s, rather ahead of the pack, they planted 10,000 hectares of sustainable pine forest in Brazil to provide pencil-wood. Built a big natural-rubber factory in Malaysia to supply the erasers. And in 1993 introduced a non-toxic water-based lacquer for the pencils, a comfort for those who insist on chewing as they create.

1. Who am I ?

2. Ad Mad Ki duniya

3. What is the significance of this picture?

TATA Crucible Quiz Delhi


  1. Who is the world’s largest digital camera maker? Nokia
  2. Menole pryce consortium and howzzat created this in 2007? WC 2007 mascot, west Indies
  3. Brand means destiny in Latin? Lotto
  4. What was originally the society of Melbourne brewers, 1903? C&UB
  5. picture of black box
  6. Sulzberger family owns which publication? NY times
  7. King Gyanendra’s image has been replaced on a Nepalese 10 rupee note with? Mt. Everest
  8. Chronology of ceos starting Charles coffin…who was there from 1981-2000? Jack Welch
  9. Who founded the political outfit-nagorik shakti-(an economist)? Mohd. Yunus (Bangladesh)
  10. altria group logo
  11. 1908, who was the president of board of trade UK? Churchill
  12. Ronald Reagan’s policy inspired a book on competition theory? Michael porter’s competitive advantage of nations
  13. Which health food was sent to soldiers in Normandy in ww II? Complan
  14. Which Indian conglomerate has in-house magazine- namaste? ITC
  15. Retail giant’s headquarters? Macy’s
  16. Which company entered India by the name Hindustan milk Food Company? Glaxo smith Kline
  17. In India they are in square/rectangle shape, what shape they take in Japan/china, owing their script, writing object? Post it notes
  18. 2 books written by Peter Drucker
  19. Which magazine calls itself newspaper and is owned by The economist newspaper company.
  20. Edgar logo- which organization- SEC
  21. who regulates taxes in US- FOMC
  22. which trademark is owned by Doctor’s Inc.= Subway
  23. speech mark logo-telecom- Vodafone
  24. which word was borrowed by French language from the aviation sector, from the low size jets- Airbus
  25. Britannia 50-50 ad- the argument continues

Tata track

Error scan:

  1. Slazenger /Wilson/ Yonex started in 1946, with wooden fishing nets- Yonex
  2. Bhatt family/ Ghai/ Johar owns Vishesh entertainment- Bhatt
  3. Polaroid/Canon/Kodak –designed optics for Chandra x-ray telescope 1999- Kodak
  4. Merck/Wyeth/ J&J –most trusted name in surgical dressings- J&J
  5. Estee lauder/ Calvin Klein/coco chanel- own youth dew, beyond paradise and intuition fragrance- Estee lauder
  6. Chelsea/ Liverpool/ Man U–started as Newton heath L&Y FC- Man U


  1. apparel unit of Sara lee- Hanes
  2. started as HMH in 1953- playboy
  3. Radixx intl. and Florida do reservations for- go air
  4. his dream to sell song book- anil moolchandani- Archie’s
  5. 1826, duke of Savoy, gave the authority to bottle – Evian
  6. which is the parent company of the distributor of blaupunkt in India- bosch
  7. AK Puri- BHEL

View point

  1. founder of financial company- Merrill lynch
  2. book cover-media man- Ted turner
  3. had a controversy since a computer product used the initials of this brand- Christian Dior –CD
  4. identify the award-world of quality- Malcolm balwidge
  5. logo- geo TV
  6. old logo-Yamaha- peacock with tuning fork in its beak

Ask for T

  1. improving quality of life- Tata
  2. acquired O2 in 2006- telefonica
  3. insurance company has snoopy as mascot- MetLife
  4. Nikon corp. owned by- Mitsubishi
  5. viva, maltova, boost owned by- glaxo smith Kline
  6. designed the nasa Orion spacecraft- Lockheed martin
  7. formed due to a merger between holt mfg. co. and CL best gas traction co.- caterpillar

Tata world

  1. who manages the retail chain croma- infinity retail
  2. tata bp solar provides a govt arm with solar powered talkies under the suraksha programme- traffic police
  3. tata meda, astafa, rogor, and tata metri- products by-rallis, India
  4. tata chemicals venture TKS, expand? Tata kisan sansar
  5. logo of eight o’clock coffee

Non Tata Track:

  1. Visual- image of the pathak’s family.
  2. visual- skunk unofficial logo which company’s arm- skunk works (Lockheed martin)
  3. Tata- this tata company recently bought 30%share in 2 coal producing companies of Indonesia- Tata Power
  4. visual- technology so superior, its an art form-Oakley
  5. video ad- hutch TV, we’ve shrunk your TV
  6. video ad- Pfizer
  7. video ad- gold spot-the zing thing
  8. tata- which tata company has the loyalty program-“I reward”- Tata teleservices
  9. visual- logo- amar chitra katha
  10. tata- which tata company bought out tertia group and tertia edusoft-Tata interactive services
  11. video- Berger paints- oil on the wall ad
  12. tata- yazaki- is a partner with tata in which way- they are the component suppliers for tata motors


  1. who publishes the comic called master blaster based on sachin tendulkar- Virgin comics
  2. who has been chosen as the group brand ambassador of godrej?- priety zinta
  3. who owns ad words?- google
  4. Which vodka means land of the wolf- shark tooth or arlstof? Arlstof


  1. what term originates from the fact that someone is chosen in a meeting and all blame is put on him- blametomy
  2. Who is an alpha geek? The most technologically sound person in a group

Round II:

  1. startup: connect control video and ticker symbol TWX- AOL
  2. Books: In fiction, what did uncle Ponderevo devise, which has become a reality of pharma market today?- Patenting of drugs
  3. petroleum- they own trisynthetic hm ,2002 they brought out the supersyn antiwear, and are a partner with mclaren-mercedes- Mobil
  4. Brand- was a candidate in the 2004 presidency elections, Toy’r’ Us trivia- Barbie doll
  5. Auto: a speedometer with a face logo in center- old logo- Pontiac
  6. identity: Exxon Mobil brand esso is being parodied on the internet on blogs by what name- Exxxo
  7. person- connect land rover, Tropicana, breakfast at tiffany’s, maxim magazine and abhishek bachhan song- Maria sharapova-missed the tiffany connect, brand ambassador for Tropicana and land rover, voted by maxim as the second highest earner in sports and will be appearing in a Motorola ad with AB shortly.
  8. India- connect- bhagvad gita cover, Rabindranath tagore, sri lanka and Nepal flags and sangam movie song:- LIC- there tagline is a shloka from gita, were inspired by tagore ,operate as LIC India in the 2 countries and sm trivia about sangam- I guess one of their products.
  9. Business House- Connect- wardha, JK rowling, JC (Jackie chan) rally mart, Steven Spielberg on Time mag cover and song from guru: - Bajaj- wardha ashram land granted by jamnalal bajaj, they took permission to use Harry potter look-alike in their ad, Jackie Chan did the discover ad, Spielberg was asked to direct a bajaj commercial which he refused, and guru-case study is taught at JBIMS and well, mani ratnam is from JBIMS too.
  10. Finance –UBS logo
  11. Clothing- Georges, Armand, Paul and M. Marcieir started this company in 1981, with “Marilyn” a 3 zipper style jeans- Guess jeans
  12. Aviation- Connect- JWT, Simpson’s, Maureen wadia, Ashtray and a raga played-Air India-JWT was approached to do the air India maharaja campaign, the Simpson’s India edition was aboard air India, the ashtray was the famous Salvador Daly ashtray, Maureen wadia was an air hostess once in AI, the raga was malhar- the fleet name of AI.

Round III

  1. Started in 1993 by randy granovetler and Jennifer blome, original product on VOIP, woody Norris- Jabra Corp.
  2. 1867, started as aktiengecellschaft fur aninfabrikation- AGFA Gevaert NV
  3. 1930, started by Marcel Bloch MB as societe des avions Marcel bloch- Dassault
  4. Merger of 4 European space companies on 10 july’2000- EADS
Contributed by our very own Webby

BiZDoM SeXy QuiZ...

Inspired by some one who "picked our brain" very often with such eXcellent TheMe....


  1. Called Lifestyles, this school was founded by Girdhari Joshi in Kolkata, the duration of the courses are between 3 to 6 months with fees ranging between Rs.2000 and Rs.7000. What are we talking about? [ Recently send to me by Rohit jain. so a CCP Qts]
  2. About two years Viagra was introduced in the market,Charles Lennon did something "GREAT". What was his contribution?
  3. It is often said that they are chosen for their breast size. It is a popular rumor that, if small-breasted, they may be asked to pad their bras. Logo of this brand was asked by GiRi in recent TC quiz?
AdQdOm [ Identify Brand being advertised ]



PiCQdOM [ Explain The Pic]



TATA Crucible Quiz Indore

  1. What feet in 2007 Cricket world cup earned a donation of $1 Million to the habitat for humanity house project put up by world cup by Johnnie Walker.
  2. In an advertising aimed at children , which 100 year old logo is replaced by an animated dog named Gromit?
  3. The imposition of extra curbs by US on clothing export from which clothing country is called “BRA Wars”?
  4. The orange color in the brand stand for its bold , vibrant & youthful nature . The brown below it represent coffe beans , who are we talking about?
  5. AD of AXE effect
  6. How do we know the American Oil company started in 1875 as the Continental Oil & Transportation Company today?
  7. Honda has a vehicle named wow, expand wow?
  8. Which Indian Company logo is called as vasundhara
  9. The founder of this brand commission the sculpture Edward Erickson to creat the statue of the little Mermaid at the Copenhage harbour?
  10. The general theory of employment in interest & money bokk by whom ?
  11. Which Michael Moore tells the story of how GM let down on its losses by laying off many workers without any regard to those who lost their jobs?
  12. Who’s the author of the book “ Screw it Let’s Do it “
  13. Which Co. pioneer the concept of Friendship day ?
  14. Which brand has lent its name to the corner seats in the cinema halls, which are branded as ___ corner?
  15. Logo of Whirlpool
  16. For which famous British Scientist did the electrical engineer Colonol Kookes Crompton , who founded Crompton Greeves used to work?
  17. Who set up the little princess foundation in 2001 to look into the nutritional , social & emotional needs of the girls in India?
  18. It was introduced in 1926 & marketed as white , pure soap for women & was later focus on complexion?
  19. what does AM in ABN AMRO means?
  20. Old logo of WWW
  21. In 1955, the firat fortune 500 list was produce , which co. top the list?
  22. Which Co. will be the first to introduced memory chips , which is to be used in mobile?
  23. Nestle packaged drinking water brand?
  24. SKoda started where , name of the country?
  25. AD for Platinum as jewellry

TATA Crucible Corporate Pune 2007


Q.1.Genesis does what __________ don’t.(Sega tagline)


Q.2.Who said on losing of

Q.3.What is so unique about kaffee HAG owned by phillip morris?

A.1.World’s first de – caff coffee

Q.4.Which famous padmabhushan & Dadasaheb Phalke award winner founded Rainbow recording to compete with HMV

Ans Naushad

Q.5.Successful Habits of visionary companies by Jim Collins,What is the title of the book

Ans.Built to Last

Q.6.Which famous alumni of London school of economics,law minister in Nehru cabinet wrote problem of rupee in 1923 & evolution of provincial finance in british India in 1924?

Ans : B .R.Ambedkar

Q.7.Which Indian film Director has a stake in NDTV Imagine – mass entertainment channel

Ans: Karan Johar

Q.8.Ezra cornell Hiram Sibley financers to Samuel morse’s telegraphic experiments founded in 1857 what company.(big clientele in India)

Ans.Western Union Money Transfer

Q.9.Which technological innovation forced P&G to concentrate on soap making business which eventually reaped rich benfits results?

Ans:Electric Bulb because they were in business of making candles

Q.10.Ad pic – darling I m having the most extraordinary experience,Which brand of soap.

Ans: Dove

Q.11.Who is currently longest serving employee of Microsoft?

Ans:Steve Ballmer

Q.12.In U.S coinage act of 1864, there is mandate which basically says presence of which inscription on all coins minted in U.S.?

Ans:In god we trust

Q.13.Which corporate entity currently owns more stock than anyother stock holder (3.9%) in Exxon Mobil?

Ans: Barclays

Q.14.Started in April 1st 1958 by Tai Joon Park and is involved in one of the largest FDI in India?

Ans Posco

Q.15.PIC – Otis

Q.16.With which project would you associate “Rasipuram” in aviation sector.

Ans.Air Deccans’ common man project,inspiration from R.K.Laxman R for Rasipuram

Q.17.With which watch making company would you associate Calvin Klein Jewellery?


Q.18.In Kerala with which car brand has Indian post office collaborated to have a red coloured car to distribute for its posts


Q.19.Mario Bartimoro a business journalists from CNBC is known by what name in the global…………..

Ans Money Honey

Q.20.Logo – macro Media

Q.21.Which brand of Instant tea and coffee shares its name with a state in America?


Q.22.Which company’s logo is called hexagon?


Q.23.Which company founded by also file sharing…….

Ans :Skype

Q.24.Who was named Time person of the year 2006?

Ans: You

Q.25.Identify the ad


Tata Crucible Hyderbad 2007 -- Non - Tata

Level 1 consisted of 5 points

Q.1.Image – Joseph Bombardier

Q.2.Image - Ken Kutaragi

Q.3.Established in 1964, Tushar water coolers which tata company manufactures it

A. Voltas

Q.4.asain paints ad

Q.5.planet M ad

Q.6.Kissan Tomchi ad

Q.7.Rover – logo

Q.8.CC Africa connection Question

Q.9.Jamshed Tata trust – Lord Meghnath ans London school of economics

Q.10.Connect Eden gardens – KSCA to tata

Ans Both grounds have been wi fied by Tata

Q.11.Help line is a spoof call centre of which brand

Ans Mentos

Q.12.Barista owned by whom



Ans.Dominos Pizza and Zapak mail

Q.14 Hotspot is the retail operation of whom (something like that)


Level 2 consisted of 10 points is the largest internet community of ?


Q.2.TOI – Bedazzled – BBC –

Ans Celebrity magazine Hello

Q.3.Affluent society – J K Galbriath

Q.4.Etablished in 1890…………….

Ans Kookaboora balls

Q.5.A.R Rahman ………cnnctn was

Ans World apce Radio

Q.6.Annie Hall …….Marshall McLuhan

Q.7.Lovato – Logo

Q.8.RBI – TOI – Kastur Bhal Lalabhai

Ans Kasturbhal Lalbhai

Q.9.Nathans cummins acquired ...........

Ans Sara Lee

Q.10.Bindhaas – UTV –

Ans India’s first IP TV launch,triple play technology

Level 3 started here

Q.11.University of Chicago

Ans.Raghuram Rajan

Q.12.1896 Vit preparation and derivative

Ans Roche

Q.13.Calisto Tanzi found …..

Ans Parmalat

Q.14.Sisley brand……recently entered into F1 racing

Ans.United colors of Benetton

Q.15.It means Salt warehouse which brand

Ans.Gaudand Garam

Q.16.Floris Stene – Logo

Ans Ajax

TaTa Crucible Prelims --Bangalore 2007

  1. Mc Donald's always promote a current movie with their 'Happy Meal'. This scheme began with which movie?

A- Star Trek

  1. Which is world's most expensive spice by wt? (Imp 2 India)


  1. This brand's name was suggested by Dhirajben Ruparel in a contest for Rs 5 in 1962. (the brand represents in many ways, the women power in India )


  1. Danjaq LLC is the copyright and trademark holder of?


  1. 'Biz as unusual- the journey of _______' is a book written by?(The lady is Indian, created an international empire and sold it not so long ago)


  1. Which fashion designer named her most famous design after her favourite brand of car? She predicted that pubic hair would be a great fashion accessory.(created sumthin which men adore)


  1. Whose final book published in 1993 was titled 'The New Economics for Industry, Government and Education'?(an economist, better known for his contribution to 'quality')


  1. From the world of Lego, what is 'Mindstorms'?(Reltd 2 IT)


  1. Wht was d originally registered name that Apple wanted to use for its internet kiosks?(dey never used it 4 dyr kiosks)


  1. logo ( world of beer, available in India, Mexican brand)


  1. We knw abt Air Force 1 , Marine 1…. What is d US President's Limousine called?(sumthin 2 do wid 1)


  1. Which Indian grp 4m d world of hospitality has collaborated with CNN to produce a TV Series called ' The Eye Of India'?(options- Taj, Leela, Oberoi)


  1. Which organization was d first to place an order wid TELCO (gr8 Indian organization)?


  1. Fund-raising of took place in the coffeeshop of which store?(coffeeshop of a bookstore, its transformed into a museum nw in US)


  1. Print ad ' I am the bullet _______'?

A- NIKE (Nike k bagair Giri ka quiz adura hai!!!!)

  1. Airtel wid soon launch WAYF. Whats dis feature?


  1. During n b4 WW II , dis co. designed n manufactured uniforms n attire 4 d troops, officers n other governmental branches of Nazi Germany(incorrect but popular info- 2 nd part of the name is a tribute to the bosses)


  1. Oldest continuously produced brand name in recorded sound. Dates back to 1888.____records


  1. Titan sells its eyewear range-Fastrack range of sunglasses n odr global brands, under what name?


  1. Pic( 2 dogs, legendary in d world of mascot)

A- NIPPER & CHIPPER (kutto k bhi naseeb hote hai!!!!!)

  1. Started way back in 15-08-1947, this production house's logo has Goddess Saraswati depicted?

A- Rajshri Productions

  1. Which co.'s search engine would be available 2 @ www. Live. Com?


  1. This company is known for its 'Flying Sun' logo, which recently underwent changes?


  1. In Apprentice, Donald Trump uses 'You are fired'.what is the equivalent term used by Martha Stewart in the same Programme?


  1. video. Baseline-'Fortunately some species have it easy'(Campaign says ' dey hv made it easy 4 human beings')

A- Denim spray

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