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Questions contributed by Gayatri Phadnis, the winner of this edition


1. Which brand states 'the road is full of idiots' and is endorsed by Irfan Khan in TV ads that also takes on the superstition of keeping 'nimbu mirchi' for security?

Answer- CEAT

2. Satya Prakash Mathur started this business of manufacturing mixers and registered it in the name of his wife Madhuri. What business did he start?

Answer- Sumeet Mixers

3. Logo of Quint magazine was shown and question was which magazine started by Raghav Bahl is this?

Answer- Quint

4. Which famous long distance runner from Addis Ababa has now started a coffee business from the proceeds of his running prize money. He has taken Ethiopian coffee to the world map. Which Olympic Gold Medalist is this?

Answer- Hile Gabrisalasi

5. Photo of an old gentleman (Heinz) was shown. Who is this gentlemen who created a famous Ketchup Brand?
Answer- Heinz

6. According to the movie “Rang Rasiya”, whose dream of making a film is funded by Raja Ravi Verma?
Which famous film personality after whom a prestigious award has been instituted are we talking about?

Answer- Dadasaheb Phalke

7. What does ED stand for in EDGAR (GAR stands for Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) stand for in SEC filings?
Answer- Electronic Data

8. What does DCIM stand for in name of the folder in which photos get stored in a digital camera?
Answer- Digital Camera Images.

9. Which company that started in Ghariahat Calcutta owns the following brands “AND”, “Global Desi”, "Gini and Jony", "Spykar" "UMM" etc.

Answer- Pantaloons

10. Which thing saw its first use after a tragedy near Junnar in 1960s. It is essentially Orange or Fluorescent red in color but is named differently. What are we talking about?

Answer- Black Box

11. Oswal Chand M started a brand in 1960s which is one of the well-known brands in woolens today. Name the brand?

Answer- Vardhaman

12. Which Controversial undergarment ad featuring Ranveer Singh (Pickbrain mentioned Ranbir Kapoor by mistake) got in trouble with PETA for showing shark a being bitten?

Answer- Rupa

13. Which famous brand came out with an ad of a gay couple (men) who are partners in real life with the tagline “Will You”? This is the brand that had made Audrey Hepburn famous.

Answer- Tiffany

14. Logo of Tiny Owl was shown and question was to name the first part of the name of Indian start up.

Answer- Tiny Owl

15. SRF bought a range of medical propellants from this giant. Which chemical company are we talking about? Options Abott Labs, Solvay, DuPont

Answer- DuPont

16. A book on Elon Musk was shown "How the Billionaire CEO of Tesla and "----------" is shaping the future? FIB

Answer- Space X

17. Which famous Swedish company is more famous in bus segment in India than in Car? (The question was a bit different but this was the clue)

Answer- Volvo

18. Which video sharing company did Twitter acquire recently? The name of the company is synonymous with a piece of scientific equipment that we used in school.

Answer- Periscope Inc.

19. Who is the chairman of BRICS bank? Hint: Associated with Indian Private Bank

Answer- KV Kamath

20."The stripes are back" Which is the hashtag of a European club which changed its Jersey design back to stripes this year?

Answer- Southampton.
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