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TATA CRUCIBLE CORPORATE EDITION 2015: Coimbatore Prelims Round Questions

1.    Which comic characters favourite food is “chocolate flavoured sugar bombs”
2.    The first female chief executive of a FTSE 100 compny, Marjorie Scardino, became head of publishing of which major publishing company?
3.    Whose logo?
4.    Which was the first Televison brand to have a television commercial in india?
5.    In 2013, Vanhusen announced a contest to find India Top 10 Fashionable professional. Which social network did it partner?
6.    Which brand of manufacturing and exporting since 1958 was started by Abdul Rasheed. It is the official clothing partner of Pakistan cricket.
7.    Which major studio is now finding super heroes like this?

 8.    The artist FrancisBacon is reputed to use which brand which means “force” or “vigour” in latin as a substitute for toothpaste?
9.    Who once told “Harpers Bazaar” in 1923 that simp;licity is the keynote of all true elegance?
10.    Which is the only Indian stsate  to sponsor a Durga Puja?
11.    Nita Ambani bought the Costliet saari. Which Retail major did this saari?

12.  Which game released in 1980(on Fortune mags 50th anniversary) was American version of French game called Business. Each player ran one of Americas top corporation? (guessable)
14.    Which Bharath Ratna’s recording label is “East meets West”?
15.    Who first designed the Aviator watches (need person)?
16.     Identify – recently became head of an Indian major oil company’

17.    In 1966 who bought the gay nightclub Heaven, located at Charing cross railway station?
18.    In Tourism Industry what does VFR stand for?
19.    Which corporate house gave India its forst Deisel engine and first electric motor?
20.    Who? 

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