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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Kaushik Saha

Here is Political quiz by Kaushik da

Q1. An IIT Kanpur – IIM Ahmedabad graduate and Eisenhower Fellow Prem Das Rai is the first IIT-IIM graduate to be a Lok Sabha MP. He is the lone MP from his party. Name the party he represents and the state he belongs to.

Q2. What is happening?

Q3. The gentleman in the picture was a polymath who has an equation, an institute in Kolkata and a hostel at IIT KGP named after him. He prepared the original plan for the Damodar Valley Project. In the first Lok Sabha election, he won from the Dumdum constituency as an independent. Name him.

Q4. Bidzina Ivanishvili is the richest man in his country, his net worth being 32% of his country’s GDP. He was also the PM of his country for a year. Which is his country?

Q5. This person organized V-Day celebration in his native country where the "V" stood for vaffanculo ("fuck off"). He started a political movement Five Stars Movement to bring together, via the Internet, people who share his ideals about honesty and direct democracy. The motto of this movement is saying that politicians are the servants of the people and that they should work for the country only for a short time; that they should not have criminal records; and that they should focus their attention on the problems of the country without any conflict of interest. Who and which country?

Q6. This person  a member of the 1st Lok Sabha from Vijayawada constituency. He founded and administered the Hyderabad College, which later became the Nizam's College. He was a poet and his song Rail Gaadi  was memorably sung by Ashok Kumar in  Aashirwad. However, he is most remembered for his roles in movies which include -the patriarch of Bawarchi, Mr. Pinto of Teen Deviyan and Barfi of Goopy Gune Bagha Byne. Name him

Q7. Name the man and his 3rd father-in-law

Q8. Why is this guy unique as far as voting is concerned?

Q9. Connect this to the song “Mamaya Kero Mama”

Q10. Which constituency?

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