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TATA crucible indore 2012 prelims

Credit: Soubhagya Jena, who won the quiz along with Anirban mohant.

  1. This huge company launched “Discover new” campaign this year targeted at the summer vacation of school going children. Which co.?-BATA
  2. A helpline, called National Tobacco Cessation Quit Line, at the toll-free number: 1800-227787 has been started by this company in India, which has long been in pharma business?- Johnson and Johnson
  3. The European wing of this Indian company is producing “silent tracks” for railways and is going to implement it across Indian very soon leading to soundless tracks. Which co.?- Tata steel(corus)
  4. This famous celebrity went nude to launch a perfume named after her called “NUDE”?—Rihanna
  5. PIXAR logo
  6. Project glass trivia, Which company is behind Project glass?-GOOGLE
  7. TERI has partnered with this company to recycle waste at schools as kids buy a lot of this in school and throw them away after consumption. This co. is  a major packaging giant?- TETRAPAK
  8. In 1935, it was designed to commemorate the silver jubilee of King George V. It was also called K6. It is found in almost all streets of London. What?-Red Telephone booth
  9. This international automobile major which has been doing very well in India off late has launched an innovative finance scheme called “ Mobility Max”. Which co.?-VOLKSWAGEN
  10. “Quietly brilliant”- whose punchline?. (hint:mobile phone manufacturere)
  11. The tweet by this person was on Jan 23,2012 read “ we are proud of you”. It was about the bravery award recipients. Who or whose office debuted on twitter thus?-Manmohan singh or PM office
  12. Kazuo Hirai has replaced Howard stringer as the CEO fo which famous electronics giant?- SONY
  13. Audi bought over the iconic bike business of which famous company?-DUCATI
  14. Who is the Urban development minister of India now?-KAMAL NATH
  15. Ramesh chauhan of Bisleri pic standing with Thums-up and goldspot
  16. Invented by Christopher scholes in 1862, Mark Twain described this as curiosity breeding little joker. He also used it. What?-Typewriter
  17. Invented in 1890’s and  called as Clasp locker. It’s improvised version in 1905 was called C-curity. What invention that was initially for shoes but is now mainly used in apparels.—ZIPPERS
  18. Which brand started as Deluxe green Label in 1962 and became an instant hit?-BRU
  19. Barron Larrey, Napolean’s personal doctor invented this keeping in mind that Napolean may need this any moment. What so common in healthcare that it is even available in rural areas as well as urban areas.?-AMBULANCE
  20. DABUR logo. Id
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