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Desi Brand


Credit: SS Panda, who alongwith Sampad Mishra, defended their title.

1. Which Former Minister of India had founded a Political Party “Rashtriya Samajbadi Congress” in 1986.Ans: Pranab Mukherji
2.”No complaint ____is more common than that of a scarcity of money.”-a world famous known Economist had said this.His picture appears on a global currency.Ans:Adam Smith
3.Which Company topped the list of India’s 50 most admired Company in Survey by Fortune India and Hay group.Ans:Tata Steel
4.Which IT head honcho recently purchased 98% of Hawaiian island of Lanai?Ans:Larry Ellison
5.Ad of Euro undergarments,shown and asked to identify the brand?
6.The Children’s Investment fund is engaged in legal battle with which Major PSU in recent days?Ans:Coal India
7.Joseph Leve a famous producer of Hollywood once said “You can fool all of the people if the _________is right.”Ans: advertising
8.Study of life-a latin derivation ,what?Ans:Curriculum Vitae
9.”Vista Vision” a famous Hollywood studio created it,Name?Ans:Paramount Pictures
10.”Picture- You can not afford to be slow”,Id the advertiser?Ans:WWF
11.Which anti-allergic medicine by J & J changed hands recently to Pfizer.Ans:Benadryl
12.Mount of Charles etc.used in winter in India.trivia about Origin of word “Montecarlo”
13.India web portal,India web portal etc. owned by big TV. Company in India.Ans:Zee TV
14.In 1944,they invented the Roll over protection system-ROPS so that the passengers are safe,Name the Car maker.Ans:Volvo
15.Logo of Android market.
16.Army cry,Trivia about origin of word “slogan”.
17.Popular brand created by Indo National ltd.Ans:NIPPO
18.Ford Car name from Italian word “cool”.Ans:FIGO
19.Popular use of this 60 yrs old product from shoes to dresses.Design drawn from Nature.Ans:VELCRO
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