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Tata Crucible Chandigarh 2012 Edition

Courtesy: Arpit Mehta

Q1. Which billionaire is husband of Patsy Perin Dubash, an Irish woman?

Q2: ‘One Click’ – this book by Richard L. Brandt is on the rise on Internet Company. Which one?

Q3: Who is He? Hint: He heads an IT company.

Q4: Vidyagyan schools are run by philanthropic arm of which company?

Q5: Taught at Turin University, international adviser to Goldman Sachs and the Coca-Cola company, he was European Commissioner from 1995-2004. Who is this person?

Q6: This Oscar- winning actor and director recently endorsed Turkish Airlines and the adline went – ‘Feel Like a Star’! Name the actor.

Q7: Identify him.
A: R P Goenka

Q8: In the financial world, which top executive of Indian origin was recently replaced by Citibank Executive Douglas Peterson?

Q9: By what name do we better know the municipality of Belgium, which lies in Wallon region and Province of Liege? Hint: A Three letter word

Q10: Koleos, a premium of SUV was launched in India by _______ ?

Q11: Which group of people are widely classified into white hat, grey hat and black hat?

Q12: Identify the logo of a famous publishing company

Q13: Who is the founder of Qualified Learning System Inc., USA?

Q14: In 1927, the Indian capitalists despite their differences and clash of interests, formed an organization with Purushottamdas Thakurdas as its helm. Name the organization.

Q15: RBI will soon issue Rs. 5 coins to commemorate the centenary of first commercial flight in India. Which two places did this flight connect?

Q16: Identify the ad campaign.
A: Evian water

Q17: Which public sector condom manufacturer launched herbal products in association with Arya Vaidyasala marketed under Herbs and Berries brand?

Q18: Which airline was founded by Roy Farell and Sidney Kantzow in 1946 and named after an old name of China?

Q19: In a memorable as from the 1980s, which ‘henchman’ wrestled in vain with a chair made of Fevicol?

Q20: Identify this famous person.

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