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Roy's Quizzing Baatein Part-3

Q1. Nickname of which famous EPL team is believed to have come from the goodies that a shop adjacent to their homeground used to sell, including a particular product on match days. Which club am I referring to ?

Q2. Half of this landmark engineering marvel was made in england and the other half in india. It was commissioned in the third quarter of the nineteenth century, but got severely damaged in a cyclone. Initially it had a provision for rail movement. Later the original structure was replaced by the one which now stands across. What am I talking about ?

Q3. Which currency has the root of it's name from a word meaning 'a fistful' ?

Q4. This world famous brand was first developed for the armed forces but later found more business as gift items for little boys and popular among adventure sports enthusiasts through outlets in duty free shops. The company's business fall after 911 as airport safeties banned this item in the personal belongings of the passengers. The owner has now again concentrated on its original armed force clients worldwide. Which product?

Q5. Who says scientists are not popular among masses ? There are at least two living scientists today who have been the central character of popular dramas played regularly at New York during their life time. One is stephen Hawking. Who is the other ?

1. Everton F.C. Their nickname 'The toffeemen'. there was a business near the ground named Mother Noblett's Toffee Shop which advertised and sold sweets, including the Everton Mint, on match days. The nickname is inspired from those special toffees.
2. Howrah Bridge over river Hooghly.
3. 'Dirham' of UAE and some other islamic countries. It has its root from earlier Greek Currency 'drachma' which is from the ancient Greek word 'drassomai' meaning 'to take a fistful'.
4. Swiss Army Knives
5. Andrew Wiles, the famous mathematician who proved Fermat's last theorem. He is considered one of the greatest brains of modern age and is decorated with several awards. In 199, an asteroid was named after him.
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