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Tata Crucible 2012 Student Edition Mumbai

Winners - SPJain Institute of Management Research
Runners - H R College of Mumbai

Mumbai edition of TC stretched to the last question of the quiz. On the penultimate question the Diaper Team (coined by Giri) of HR College came back in the race and before Giri started the last one 4 teams were on the verge to make it into the Finale of TC Student Edition 2012. But the last question was superbly answered by the SP Jain team who came through the wild card entry by answering "Good to great" and finally they make it to the final by answering;

Q - (Technically) Which company is the world's number 1 tire manufacturer with the production of 300 millions tires a year?

Here are the other questions. Reply to with your answers.

 - He is the first non American personality to be on board of Bank of America. Name him.

- When Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100th Hundred Century in the International Cricket, which company’s logo was in his bat?

- Which great storyteller started Partha Institute of Personality Development, much before the mushrooming of such type of institutes in India?

- Which Indian entity is pushing itself in the pre-campus recruitment process and targeting the youth with their campaign “Touching the sky with glory is our motto, Join us”?

- Which profession get its name from the description “for being called to the bar…………..”?

- When India created its first Light Combat Vehicle then question arises what would be its name. Later on in the panel meeting it has been given the name “Tejas”. Who suggested the name?

- Which popular food item gets its name from a Latin word “Lamella” which means ‘thin plate’?

- Who authored the book “Good to great”?

- This became the first ever bank to be launched in India's Capital and is owned, operated and managed by Indians only. Name the bank.

- Which management guru of Indian origin innocently made this statement “If businesses managed their money as carelessly as they manage their people most would be bankrupt” which is often used by US President Barack Obama in his current election campaign?

- A British Viceroy named William Bentinck came out with his out of the box idea which was conceptualized on “to sell something we have to demolish something to raise funds and finance…….”. What he want to demolish and sell?

- Which project in the world of sport is known “Project Victoria”, created by an Indian for England?

- Anil Dharker’s book “The man who talked to machine” is based on whom?

- Which marketing idea was coined by Sunil Gavaskar, Ian Chappel and Clive Lloyd?

- How Tata Investment Corporation was known earlier?

- Which Tata Group company tagline states "Endless possibilities"?

- With whom you will associate "Professor Simply Simple"?

- Who is she?

- Connect the following pics.

- Connect

- Connect

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