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Roy's Quizzing Baatein Part-4

Q1. His father used to affectionately call him by nickname 'bhou', that's the barking sound of a dog, but his voice was destined to charm India. The more commonly used pet name among close relations and friends of this bollywood celebrity who started his career at a rather young age is 'Raja'. One of his cousin is a much acclaimed champion sports person of India. Name the two celebrities.

Q2. In Hindu Mythology, most of the gods and goddesses are depicted either as barefooted or with very light footwears except one who is seen with heavyduty shoes. Who and why are his feet protected such ?

Q3. Which great ancient learned thinker was known as a 'king without a throne' ?

Q4. Much perturbed by the very rigid stance taken by the Indian Congress and Muslim League leaders on the matter of accession of states, Lord Mountbatten was once heard quipping to an indian leader ' you always talk about wooing people, yet in the case of states, you threaten. Would you woo a girl you want to marry with a stick and expect her to accept ?' Who did he dare to utter these extreme frustating words ?

Q5. This famous cricketer was also a very successful business executive who retired richy rich as the Managing Director of a large Tea Trading company. He was perhaps the first cricketer to resent and opt out from the national side for a test match when he protested for the selection of a particular player over another and despite himself being selected, didn't turn up to play for the test match. His resentment forced the selectors to take the dropped player in the team for the next test when he also returned to the team. Who ?

Ans 1 : Singer 'Shaan' ( Shantanu Mukherjee ). His cousin sister is Dola Banerjee, the champion archer.
Ans 2 : God Surya or the Sun God . It is said that when his wife Sanjana returned to him after deserting him once, not being able to withstand his brightness and heat, her father sage Vishwamitra planned to timid his son-in-law's energy down. His brahmana power started taking the heat out of Surya. The son in law could only save his feet to retain brightness from the sacred power of the Rishi by covering them by highneck boots.
Ans 3 : Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher / thinker. He was born in 551 BC.
Ans 4 : Mahatma Gandhi ( source - confidential reports of Lord Mountabatten on 'The transfer of power, 1942 - 47' , made public some years back )
Ans 5 : Australian fast bowler Fred Spoforth ( nicknemd the 'demon bowler' for his menacing speed ). He didn't take part in the first ever test match in 1876 - 77 for Australia against England as his friend wicketkeeper Billy Murdoch did not get a place in the team and instead Jack Blackham who was a lesser player played in the inaugural test. Spofforth is also the first bowler in the history of test cricket to take a hattrick.
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