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The economic performance of a country related to penis size?

Q. Does Size matter..?
A. Yes very much for the entire nation

Q. How..?
A. This may be biggest joke of the year but someone calling himself Tatu Westling, a doctoral student in economics from the University of Helsinki, has written “Male Organ and Economic Growth: Does Size Matter?“, a paper meant, in his own words, “to fill [a] scholarly gap with the male organ.”.

Penis size that maximizes a country's GDP is at 13.5 cm. There is a clear drop in economic development when the average size greater than 16 cm is below 12 cm. "Although the findings are indicative at this stage, the hypothesis explored here the male organ is resistant to a range of controls comprehensive and based on strong correlations amazement" wrote Westling.

Faced with various criticisms, the author of the study sought to highlight the strong correlations between the two indices. "It started as an attempt to half serious, but I did not expect to find such strong correlations. I'll be submitting it to a business magazine. But seriously does not mean that I believe in a cause effect at this time. "
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