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Wonderbra 'Hello Boys' advert named as most iconic ad

The "Hello Boys" Wonderbra campaign featuring Czech supermodel and actress, Eva Herzigova has been voted the most iconic outdoor ad from the last five decades by the Outdoor Media Centre.
With over 10,700 votes being polled by the public, Eva's Wonderbra advert secured the first position in the Outdoor Hall of Fame, followed by the Conservative party's 'Labour isn't working' and 'Lord Kitchener wants you' ads.

The Canada-based lingerie fashion label has gained immense worldwide prominence since its inception in 1935.
All advertising strategies by the brand were based on fashion and emotional appeal. The main focus was to have women see the Wonderbra products as a cosmetic and as a beauty enhancer rather than a functional garment.
During 1994, the brand achieved a "cult status" for its racy Hello Boys campaign. The Eva Herzigov√° billboard, in particular, attracted a lot of public attention. Old stories of wonderbra by team Bizdom were Father, Son and wonderbra & Wonderbra mosaic
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