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Tata Crucible Nagpur Campus - 2011

Round 1
1.In the context of India what is LG army?

2.What is unique about Al Nasma Chocolate,which is found in Middle East?

3.A senior journalist named J Gopalakrishnan is in the news these days,he works with the Pioneer,What is famous behind him?

4.How does India know about Lacrimeter,a non lethal chemical compound which causes great pain and stress?

5.What is Bum Bum policy in Insurance?

6.This place was orginally inhabitated by Merchants and it came to be known as Merchant Harbour.The English translation of this place's name is also Merchant Harbour

1.Anant Pai - Amar Chitra Katha
2.Vatical City - Currency
3.Haroon Lorgat
4.Julian Assange - Wikileaks
5.Pics of AT&T , Motorola , Vodafone(i think) - Symbian Operating Systems
6.Saffron Flower

TATA Round
1.TCS and National institute of Ocenaography have together developed ......
2.Who from Tatas advocates the Case of a Bonsai Manager
3.Which range from Titan is endorsed by Dhoni?
4.Tatas have deveoped.....

1.Bada + Android + Jai ho song
2.A9 + IMDB + Endless +
3.Final Cut + Al Gore + Bob Wayne + Nano Chromatic
4.Mark Zuckerberg + FACTS | BRIEF + Luce & Hadidn + Gandhi 's Raaga

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