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Dhanuka Agritech Limited

1. Which laws says “bad money derives good money out of circulation?
2. Commonly used product invented by whitcomb Judson in 1883?
3. The name of brand which means “garden” in Hindi?
4. Identify Picture?

5. Devery absolute retired Fund Euro 25 million will be ……………………….. Sentiments and mood of the stock market. What?
6. This mineral a fine chocolate red, volcanic earth, used in construction by Germans. Name of the elements additive now used in Cement Very commonly.
7. Term in world of Sinclair, modern clerical administration & working class in 1930.
8. Identify Picture?

9. Which Indian company sponsored the Netherland cricket team in cricket world cup 2011?
10. Which English word (1680s) originated from the Tamilnadu, word that means “Sauce, relish for rice”? (dictionary meaning)
11. Dave smith is known as the father of MIDI. What is the full form of MIDI?
12. Coraton of what ? you don’t act 500 Mn. (Don’t remembered exactly)
13. Which word was written in French with double ‘N’ and now its in English, which resemble the power of Money?
14. Which famous fashion store was founded in 1947. In the town of vasterns in swedan by erling pearson.
15. Word used for Foot wear manufacturing. Its telecom equipment wimax ejected DOT and it has in collaboration with IIT?
16. Identify picture? From automobile world? (options-BMW, Fiat, Volkswagen)

17. A Term for two economies US & China, given by Niallio Ferquson)
18. Witch train operating since 1930, is featuring ISO-9000 certify in India.
19. Broom & Groom is a book authored by which famous IPS Officer?
20. Identify country & his currency from Picture?

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