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Tata Crucible Campus Delhi 2011

1.In March 2000,it was started as an independent news & views magazine.It shot to fame for breaking the match fixing news and for operation west end.Which magazine

2.IBM introduced it commercially in 1971 under the name Minnows,and shipped it as 23 FD

3.ITC has tied up with La Aurora to launch a product under the Armenteros brand to be manufactured in the La Aurora unit in carribean,which product?

4.Pic of a man who coined the word software

5.Who is the gen secy of FICCI

6.Company incorporated in Aug 24,1910,when two british men came to India looking for agents to start it's business in India

7.For the 3rd consectuive year this brand was the official sponsor of new year's eve at times square,sponsoring a stage called the kiss platform,giving free samples of its lip balm.

8.Pic of a man from HSBC

9.Lewis Urry developed which kind of battery when working for Union Carbide's Eveready research lab


11.BPCL was originally known as ?

12.Pic of an old ad,products were aspirin,heroine etc

13.This brand derives its name from a greek mountain which is home to 12 greek gods & godesses.Named after a mountain

14.Italian word for milk?

15.Harrison Malayalam is RPG company,it is the largest producer of tea & _____


17.Who was the only automobile company which was the customer of Asahi India Glass.It was started by the Labroo family ,Asahi Japan and which Automobile company,the same automobile company was the only company was the only cusomter from automobile industry?

18.Govt of India occasionally uses this term which is qualifying prefix to denote a tax.

19.RO in water purification industry stands for what

20. Ad
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