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I-Mark: India's Quality benchmark for design

The India Design Council launched a campaign to foster awareness about good design in India by launching a quality benchmark - the I-Mark –a tag which, upon conferment, will denote good design in products, services, objects and works.

The 'I-Mark' is a stylised motif which uses the alphabets 'I' and 'M' to denote the mark and has been designed by two young Pune-based designers.

'The objective of the I-Mark is to raise profile of Indian design, increase awareness of design to encourage students to study new design programmes. The award will also make entrepreneurs aware of ways in which design is integral to business planning,' said Pradyumna Vyas, member-secretary of the India Design Council.
'Since times immemorial, design and aesthetics have been vital to Indian mythology which has a dedicated god of design in Lord Visvakarma who built temples, palaces, temples and dams,' said Vyas, who is also the director of the Ahmedabad-based National School of Design. 

'Companies and designers will have to apply for I-Mark for their products. A product which bears the mark will be an example of holistic product development combining quality, aesthetics, functionality, technological finesse, pragmatism and safety - the basic tenets of good design,' Vyas told agencies.

The I-Mark will be the Indian equivalent of the famed Japanese G-Mark, the highest quality marking for industrial design in Japan, which leads the world in industrial design innovations, Vyas said.
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