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Sweet Short & Simple (3S Quiz)

A Five qts quiz from my side....

1. This businessman was one of the close associates of Mahatma Gandhi and Kesoram Cotton Mills was one of his first ventures. Who is he?

2. In which industry are the FiFi Awards very important?

3. He was born in 1940 to a successful Muslim jeweler's family in Chittagong, then a part of colonial India. While teaching at a local college in the early 1960s, he noticed a need for a packaging plant in eastern Pakistan and established one with the help of his father and a loan from the state. In 1965, he left to study at the University of Colorado and Vanderbilt University under a Fulbright Scholarship.

4. Which City is also known as the Rickshaw Capital of the World. Approximately 400,000 cycle rickshaws run each day?

5. As astronomer and mathematician he directed an early observatory located in central India, made major contributions in these fields. He discovered the solution for quadratic equations that, along with his knowledge of algebra, was used to determine that both Mars and Venus followed an oval epicycle rather than a purely circular one. Who is he?
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