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Taking the story of “it happened in India” into reality, Future group, Group CEO Kishore Biyani is mulling to introduce a model where a consumer can enter into a Big Bazaar outlet and drop in an innovation in the various consumer sectors it is present in and if the idea seems feasible, the group will not only manufacture but also market and sell the innovation under the brand “India ka Idea”.

Considering that India is a land of innovation where needs and circumstances drive a mind to innovate, Biyani feels that providing “such a platform will not only lead India into developing more products which are Indian in all its origin but also low-cost and eco-friendly for the masses.”

Interestingly, two such innovations have already found space on the shelves at Big Bazaar outlets in Ahemdabad, where the company has put samples of a refrigerator called Mitticool, a clay refrigerator that works without electricity and mitti cool non-stick pan -- a non-stick tava made out of clay layering which would cost you only `70-100 as against for the regular one which would not cost less than Rs 500.

Biyani’s Future Group on Tuesday signed an MoU with National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Department of Science and technology, Government of India, giving shape to an innovation lab called “Khoj lab” which will create and support innovations at grassroots and help those innovations becoming marketable.
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