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'Manganiyar Seduction' show

The Manganiyar Seduction begins in almost complete darkness — light bulbs faintly illuminate 36 human-sized rectangular boxes on a large four-tier set. Then the sound of a khamacha, an Indian stringed instrument, breaks the silence. Slowly, lights come up on one of the boxes to reveal the musician sitting cross-legged, dressed in white with an orange turban. It is a 70-minute theatrical presentation and was conceived by the Indian director Roysten Abel.
The concept creates a dazzling union between the Manganiyar's music and the visual seduction of Amsterdam's red light district. The sets are a combination of the Hawa Mahal and the Red light district of Amsterdam. The Manganiyars are a caste of muslim musicians who traditionally performed for the kings of Rajasthan in India. Over the years their patrons have shifted from the kings to a person who could give them a meal. Their repertoire ranges from ballads about the kings to Sufi songs written by various mystics.
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