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Google TV, soon to be reality

Google TV, the system which will allow you to watch TV, but Google incorporated an interesting quick search feature. Some other interesting items include bookmarking and picture-in-picture viewing. One is able to keep track of a sports game in the lower corner of the screen whilst watching another program, or even browsing the web.

Google TV — which is basically a set-top box — will work with existing cable or satellite boxes. At the moment, the device is powered by Android 2.1 [Éclair]. The device will work with Android smartphones, which can serve as individual remote controllers. Additionally, users can use their Android smartphones to search content on Google TV using voice search, which has become one of Google’s signature features on the Android platform.

Google partnered up with Sony, Intel, and Logitech. Google TV will be built-into quite a few devices such as HDTVs and set-top boxes with built-in Blu-ray players manufactured by Sony, and companion boxes by Logitech. Intel will provide the Atom processors. Google has also partnered with Dish Network for an “advanced integration,” and with Best Buy to sell all the Google TV merchandise.

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