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Tesco, the official World Cup supermarket for England football team

When the England football team heads to the airport to begin training for the World Cup, they will be driven in cars supplied by Fiat, dressed in suits supplied by Marks and Spencer, hop onto a Virgin Atlantic aircraft, wearing Nivea hair gel, and now tucking into food supplied by Britain’s biggest supermarket Tesco who became the official supplier to the England team. 

Tesco has been named the official World Cup supermarket of the England football team, becoming the only supermarket able to display the Football Association’s official England crest.

Tesco will be going up against Asda, which will be selling official Fifa merchandise through a deal signed by its parent company Wal-Mart.


FIFA has six “partners”, which give four-year commitments, and are associated with all FIFA events; Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates, Hyundai, Sony and Visa. Below that, FIFA signs up further sponsors for the event, currently seven and including Budweiser, Continental, McDonald’s and the first ever Chinese firm to get involved, Yingli Solar, a solar energy firm.
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