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Tata Crucible Campus 2010 - Mumbai Prelims

TC Mumbai witnessed the emergence of a "Quiz Rapper", a name given by Giri to Soubhagya Jena, one of the member of the winning team (ITM, Navi Mumbai) at TC Mumbai Campus round.

The Six teams who have qualified for Final round were;
  • Sardar Patel college of Engineering:- Rishkul & Chinmay
  • H.R.College of Commerce and Economics:- Rudreshwar & Eshan
  • S.P.Jain Institute of Management:- Nilesh & Sumukh
  • ITM, Navi Mumbai:- Soubhagya Jena & Anirban Mohanty
  • NITIE:- Deepak & Afzal
  • IRMA:- Nitin Pai & Naga

The quiz was emphatically won by ITM with a score of 39 even they have forgotten to take Powerplay in their 1st & 2nd round despite giving right answers to the direct ones.
Soubhagya Jena, who is regular to Bizdom blog has sent a mail to Team Bizdom;

Dear Ankit,

                   This is Soubhagya from ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai, an avid fan of your blog and i want to state here that your blog has been a major source of knowledge for the preparation of Tata Crucible leading us to win the TATA CRUCIBLE CAMPUS edition of Mumbai,2010. Thus we became the first in the history of ITM and Navi Mumbai to win the Crucible.

Tons of thanxx to you, Shiv sir and Siddharth sir for your valuable content that you put on time to time on your blog.

Team Bizdom from its heart, congratulates Soubhagya Jena & Anirban for this achievement and wish them good luck for the National & International Finals.


1.      Who said “The Tata’s represent the spirit of adventure”?
Mahatma Gandhi
2.      We position ourselves as “India’s only 5 star’s airline”. Who are we?
Kingfisher Airline
3.      Identify the Company.

4.      Identify this newly launched entity in India.

IndiaFirst Insurance
5.      What is the name of the toothpaste co-created by Sachin Tendulkar?
6.      Which great gentleman from the world of finance, equity, investment etc.

Ajit Jain
7.      Which publishing house was founded by Allen Lane in 1935? They sold high quality Sixpenny paperback through Woolsworth and other high street stores? (Hint: - All of us have read their creation)
8.      He owned the San Diego Padres baseball team starting in 1974. He better knew for ‘Grinding it Out’ and building a huge empire. What global corporation did he create?
9.      Identify the person behind this.

Capt. Gopinath
10.  Identify this person from India. (Hint: - Only listed company in country which has maximum dependency on dotcom revenue.)

Sanjeev Bhikhchandani
11.  “I regard ‘X’ as my inspiration”. Hitler told a Detroit news reporter 2 years before becoming the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Who is X?
Henry Ford
12.  Whose identity is this?

13.  Identify the person. (Pic: - Tipping Point)

Malcolm Gladwell
14.  Identify this famous campaign. (Pic:- An advertisement picturing Dada Bhai Nowroji)

State Bank of India
15.  Denis Tomplains, Bush and I, invented and patented a shoe to “defy Isaac Newton”. Who am I?
Michael Jackson inventing the gravity defying shoes
16.  A series of Convenience store renamed from U-totem ‘m’ in 1946 to reflect their newly extending hours. What name was adopted?
17.  Whose campaign is this? (Ad- For those who love speed)
Tata Photon
18.  Identify the Company.

19.  Who is this? (Big name in the marketing world).
Ms Rama Bijapurkar
20.  What is the first phase of the “West Island Freeway System “project in India Called?
Bandra-Worli Sea link

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