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Tata Crucible Campus 2010 - Mumbai Final

Winner:- ITM, Navi Mumbai:- Soubhagya Jena & Anirban Mohanty
Runner Up:- Sardar Patel college of Engineering:- Rishkul & Chinmay
Let’s Toss
         i.           For which purpose, characters like Mr. Thoothoo Kumar, Mr. Susu Kumar and Mr. & Mrs. Poly have been created for civic awareness ?

       ii.            This society was formed in 1920, registered under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act and from that it has monopoly in India. Its logo is derived from India’s highest order of chivalry during the days of British Raj.

      iii.            What’s Pigovian Tax?

    iv.             The Company was founded in 1816 as the Ancienne Mutuelle.  The name of the company is always written in uppercase and its not an acronym.

     v.            This project bean with 120 keyboarders, 350 lacs characters were used to modenise n blah blah, what?

    vi.            In 2005, Apple banned all books published by John Wiley & Sons from all Apple retail stores. Why?

Stump Vision

         i.            Identify the author.

       ii.            A question related to Venture philanthropy

      iii.            This gentleman has launched which is pitted against Kindle.

    iv.            Identify this (Hint:- Organized social movement)

     v.            Which experiment n what created?

    vi.            Name the organization which he is heading? (Hint:- Alternative energy source)

Audience Question
Whats Volunteering?
Whats Valentine’s Day effect?
Whats advertised here "God made men, Samuel made them equal"?

Tata World
1.      Besides being largest producer of Coffee, which other cash crop Tata Coffee produces?

2.      Established in 1987 to promote “World’s favorite team sport”?

3.      Sound like spice but its not.

4.      Gaurav Garg is Head of which JV of Tata?
Tata AIG         Tata Elexsy
Third Umpire
1.      Hinduja Group - Renault Nissan -etc.

2.      Idiot Box – Knight Riders – Shahrukh Khan

3.      News Corporation – William Fox – Ronald Regan – Music of 20th Century Fox

4.      Mini – Rolls Royce – Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH – James Bond Movie

Slog Over
1.      Cracked in first clue.
2.      Cracked in first clue.

3.      Cracked in first clue.

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