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Hi Bizdom Readers,
On quiz front I am continuing the Quizon series which is here with its 10th shot i.e. QUIZON 10. The answer key will be replied to those who care to reply.
Note: - Kindly send your try to, and also note that this id will be a common email id for all quizzes, queries n other things related to “Bizdom” from today onwards. You are welcome to shoot your mails at
So, lets start the quiz……………….Happy Quizzing

1- What’s a common connection among all these pics? 

2- To advertise its company’s product, the owner encouraged his franchisee to take to the air waves with their own campaign. Following his directive, two franchisees decided to target kids by sponsoring a local children’s show, Bozo’s Circus. When station cancelled the show after 4 years, the franchisees hired a television announcer to create a new clown persona for local ads. It marked the birth of which legendry icon? 

3- Founded in 1998, it’s a British manufacturer but subsidiary of a different nation’s company.  The concept of the company is to make its product in the same line as luxury watch manufacturers. Which company? 

4- He was a retired flight operation manager at Indian Airlines named Mr. Harpal Singh. He got something first from the Iron lady of India. What I am talking about? 

5- Name the company.

6- “Yuksom breweries” is owned by a Bollywood's illustrious gangster who also has Rhino Breweries in his kitty. The brands of Yuksom are Dansberg, Hit and He-Man; this may give you some idea about him.

7- Whose logo is this?

8- It was founded in 1847 after the name of the founder’s son. Some of the company’s earlier logos have an elephant & the swastika. Which company I am talking about? 

9- He pegged himself as “Conservatively flamboyant”, an unconventional Englishman who made American Conventions his life’s study. This Oxford dropout even worked for British Intelligence during WW II. His firm opened its doors on 1948, which got pick up after successful assignment for ‘Hathaway Shirt’. Who was he? 

10- He was born in the home of Sanjay Gupta in 1980 but Pratap Mulick & Parshuram Sharma takes care of him till 1995. Presently he lives in Mahanagar city as an employee of a TV Channel. He was also adapted into a Live action TV show but the show never made it to the TV, on his side he has his first animated movie which is soon to be release. Who is he?

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