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ET in Campus - Pune Chapter

The 20 Prelims Questions are posted here are as best recalled by Nandkishore Meena from VAMNICOM.
Q.1- In near future which company is planning to launch its first gasoline car in India, model is CR-Z?


Q.2- Name the Insurance giant from India that recently bid for US based insurance company Northgate.


Q.3- “Leadership is not a matter of choice, the matter of choice is Responsibility". Hint- (Automobile company).

Mercedes Benz 

Q.4- Pepsi has allotted part of their advertising campaign budget through a new channel called RWA which is neither a TV nor Digital/Print media. What is RWA?

Resident Welfare Association

Q.5- Name the largest construction and home improvement company of USA.

Home Depot

Q.6- MCX stands for what?

Multi Commodity Exchange

Q.7- Some ads were shown & from the same company.


Q.8- A question related to Blackstone group.

Q.9- Save tax (The Chintamani ad)a man stand and tell, first things happen in India, that ad belongs to which company? 

ICICI Prudential

Q.10- Picture of Twitter Founder

Q.11- Which global banking giant has started the Green Umbrella campaign?

Citi Bank

Q.12- Which of the Ozone group product has been endorsed by Kiran bedi? ? (Hint- Sometimes u didnt get in exams or in quiz)


Q.13- Who is the Owner of Fininvest?

Silvio Berlusconi's, President of Italy

Q.14- Who is the endorser of S-Square Ladies perfume?

Shilpa Shetty

Q.15- Name the Media Giant that shown as Touchstone, Famous worldwide.

Walt Disney
Q.16- An Indian company doing business in the field of Retail, agriculture, telecom and insurance (AXA)?

Bharti Group
Q.17- Milo” belongs to which company, in the field of Beverages.

Q.18- A question related to MillHouse

Q.19- K.R Kamath is the chairman of which Financial organization?

Allahabad Bank

Q.20- An audio music track of the song "all iz well'' was played, name of the movie's producer was asked?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra
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