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Desi Brand


As we all know, was a brain child of Evans Williams . A little historical and motivational account about him follows:
Evans Williams is entrepreneurial by nature. He didn't take up a fixed job any time in his life. Even dropped out of Google in 2004 to start his podcasting company odeo, when Google had bought out his Pyra labs in 2003. At Pyra labs the initial idea was to build up a project management software but as time passed it ended up with blogger.
The whole story of Pyra Labs and blogger is a one man's fight for his destiny and his only weapon being his optimism and a motivation subconsciously, to not quit this time in the middle as he had done many times earlier.
Blogger started in times when there was a boom in internet, but soon the boom turned bust and by that time it had many registered users and thus the it was becoming continually difficult to ensure best services to the increasing consumer base. At this time the users themselves contributed in bits and pieces to keep their blogs afloat. When later blogger had 1 million registered users it caught the attention of Google which carried out its first acquisition of Pyra Labs!
Blogger's first page as on 1999
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