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QuiZ for Knowledge not for Name fame and Honey Money!!

I started quizzing in year 2006, had a very bad start in a highly competitive and talented place called, pune. It was always tough for me to remain focused, but some how I did managed it, reason was simple, I was eager to know more about things around me. Hence, I kept on visiting(when u do not win, this is the best u can say) institutes after institutes, to be part of once event called 'QuiZ'. Now, I am telling you all this, well this was struck on my mind the moment I read a nice email interview of Giri, done by Praneeth, For me the best line was "Use quizzing as a tool to help yourself know more. Never read to win shows, read to gain knowledge. Once you start enjoying the process of knowing things you start doing well in life and in quiz shows as well."

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