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Mint-O-Fresh ka ‘Jiggi-jikka’

Continuing with their Laila Majnu theme latest ad of ITC’s Minto Fresh is an attempt to reinterpret the style of village romance with the urban rural dynamic.

Shot on location in Hampi, Karnataka, the ad opens on the local thakur-ka-beta arriving with his associates, carrying with them lots of gifts. But our Laila is not much impressed with all this drama.
Then enter Mr. Majnu, having a halo around his head – and above all a Minto Fresh in his hand. He pops it, breathes out, and a magical stream of freshness towards Laila. Who takes one deep breath – and launches herself towards Majnu, sending the thakur, his men and all the gifts flying in a slow motion into the air. As he drives him off in his (again gaudily painted) scooter, the Hindi cinema takeoff story is complete...

Old Laila Majnu theme Ad
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