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Desi Brand

Coke’s ‘Project Next’ leads to ‘Open Happiness’

Coke is all set to launch a new global marketing campaign “Open Happiness,” The new tagline would replace “The Coke Side of Life,” which is been in use since 2006. This new theme arose from a six-month “Project Next” spearheaded by their chief executive Muhtar Kent and global marketing officer Joe Tripodi.
Coke’s taglines in the past
Open Happiness (2009)
The Coke Side of Life (2006)
Life Tastes Good (2001)
Always Coca-Cola (1993)
Can't Beat the Real Thing (1990)
Red, White and You (1986)
Coke Is It! (1982)
Have a Coke and a Smile (1979)
I'd Like To Buy the World a Coke (1971)
It's the Real Thing (1969)
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