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Tata Crucible Corporate quiz 2015: Vizag Prelims Round

Contributed by Sourav Majumdar
The Vizag TATA Crucible Round 2015 Prelims Questions were as follows:
1. RSS stands for what in rubber trade?

2. Moms who push their child for academics and lead them to a financially secure but emotionally drained life?

3. Mamypoko,Sofy and Lifree are products of which Japanese company?

4. A V shaped graph was shown in relation to a shampoo product?

5. Tagline "Builders to the Nation"

6. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur sued ____ founder and CEO Travis Kalanick for $1 billion, accusing him of ripping off his car service idea?

7. Watch brand endorsed by Sharapova?

8. 1955 logo of a bank - banyan tree

9. A new way of budgeting in which you have to factor in all costs for a given period?

10. Created by Rudy Perz, this mascot is like a clay action model and when poked laughs?

11. Pharma giant with an A as logo?

12. Hansie Cronje and Lance Klusener starred in which clothing company brand?

13. Navigation product from an originally palmtop software company.

14. Chisel brand gyms by which Indian cricketer?

15. PulseX female sports footwear from which brand?

16. Illuminati Films which actor?

17. Kwid car from which company?

18. Tōyō Tōki forms which bathroom product?

19. Kitkat tied up with which other company to advertise _________ break in the UK?

20. Picture of Shikha Sharma,Axis bank
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