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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Imran Ahmad

Enjoy these 10 questions on Football.

Q1. Rugby : All Blacks      
Cricket: Black Caps
Basketball: Tall Blacks
Wheelchair Rugby: Wheel Blacks

Q2. Which two soccer giants face off in the SUPERCLASICO?

Q3. Some players from the 'Cross Wesleyan Chapel' Cricket team together to discuss how to keep fit during the winter months. Prominent amongst them were Jack Hughes, Frederick Matthews, Walter Price and William Scattergood.  They saw a football game being played on a meadow close by and decided it was the perfect solution. Founded in 1874, the new club football team played its first match against Aston Brook St Mary's Rugby team.
Name the club thus formed.

Q4. A tribute to whom at Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille!!

Q5. Identify the protagonists.
(FIFA World Cup 1990 – Holland vs Germany)

Q6. What's common between a Sunday League game between Peterborough North End and Royal Mail AYL officiated by Andy Wain in 2005 and another Sunday League game between Southampton Arms and Hurstbourne Tarrant British Legion referred by Melvin Sylvester in 1998?

Q7.  Connect these two images to a sporting rivalry.

Q8. How do we better know them?

Q9. Share the story please.

Q10.  Identify

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